Monday, October 12, 2009

Break Up The Bombers!!

Once thought to be the laughing-stock of the CFL, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are crawling back to a level of respectability. In fact, they have it. Mike Kelly has gotten his you know what together and has all of a sudden turned his football team into one to be reckoned with. Who knew?
Believe it or not, the Bombers are now 2nd in the East after walking into Hamilton and beating the Ti-Cats 38-28. It was Winnipeg's 3rd straight win and Hamilton's 3rd straight loss. All of a sudden, the Bombers are a playoff team and Ti-Cat fans are wondering if the floor is caving in. As it stands right now, Hamilton would be in the playoffs but only because their 6-8 record is the same as Edmonton's and if the two teams finish in a tie, the Ti-Cats get the advantage because they are the Eastern Division team. If I understand the rule correctly, a tie will not get you into the crossover, you must have a better record.

Meanwhile, the Riders begin the week technically in first place in the West. Montreal did the Riders a huge favour by beating the Stampeders meaning both teams are 8-6, but the Riders have the tie-breaker on Calgary because of that last second win at MacMahon earlier this year. What has happened to Henry Burris? He was far from his best again this week and has been far from his best for the last month. Hank hasn't had a 300 yard game and I think he has only thrown one TD pass in the last four games. The Riders will obviously hope that trend continues on Saturday in Calgary. I don't know why, but I get the feeling Calgary wins on Saturday which sets up that regular season finale at Mosaic as the game to determine who finishes first and hosts the Western final. Hopefully the Riders take the drama out of that final game with a win Saturday, but I think it will all hinge on what happens November 7. By the way, the Stamps seem to be coming apart at the seams. Brandon Browner and Teyo Johnson had to be separated in the dressing room and Hank said he would see the Alouettes again on November 29 as he voiced some anger over a late pass into the endzone by Montreal's Adrian McPherson. Memo to Henry. If your team doesn't smarten up, you will see the Als again on November 29 because I'm sure someone will find a ticket for you seeing you are a member of the Stamps organization.
Speaking of the Riders, I have to laugh again at all the negativity that comes out after a loss. I have heard people criticizing Darian Durant and Ken Miller and I have heard the team was lucky to have beaten Toronto with them saying if it had been another team, they would have lost. Fact is, it was Toronto and not another team. Why is it there are some people around here to have nothing better to do than criticize the team even after a win? Is it part of your make-up? I'd really like to know why you can't savour the victory. Yes, I understand the frustration over the Dressler injury, but to say the team was lucky is absurd. Oh well, at least these people are good for a laugh as they embarass themselves when they call the post-game show or Sportsline. I sometimes wonder how Lynch, Hadesbeck, Hamilton and Roddy can actually just sit there and not belittle some of these people openly.
Speaking of laughs, two good laughs on Monday in the NHL. The Leafs get clobbered again 7-2 by the Rangers while the Flames lose 6-5 to Chicago after being up 5-0 at one time. BA HA HA HA HA!!! I wish I would have seen that!
A question is being asked of Theoren Fleury in the wake of his confession that he was sexually abused by Graham James. The question being why would Fleury allow James to be the coach of the Calgary Hitmen knowing what he knew. Why would he want to put other kids in danger of James acting on them the way he did on Fleury and Sheldon Kennedy? Did James have that much of a hold on Theo? Did he threaten Theo in any manner? I don't know what the reason is, and maybe after everything Fleury has been through, we will never find out, however it is a good question. I hope he answers that at some time if not in the book. Every question people have needs to be answered in this one. Unless you've been through it, and I hope you haven't, we will never know the personal hell that Theo lived on a day-by-day basis. The same goes for Kennedy.
Blue Rodeo will be the halftime act at the Grey Cup. Really! With it being in Calgary, I didn't think they would go rock, (although Alberta natives Nickleback would have filled the bill much to the delight of some and the hatred of others)but I didn't think they would go for Blue Rodeo. With it being in Calgary, I was thinking some country like Paul Brandt or Terri Clark(both Alberta natives) or George Canyon. All this does is make me the guy who will run to 7-11 or the cold beer store or both to stock up on supplies for the 2nd half. By the way, here's a quick story for you from the 2007 Grey Cup. After a night of whooping it up in Riderville, I go back to the Skydome Hotel which is where we doing our show from and as I walk into the lobby at about 230 AM, I see a crowd at Windows restaurant. I walk over and ask what's going on and they tell me Lenny Kravitz is doing his thing for the half-time show. Lip-synch city boys and girls! Lip-synch city!! When it comes right down to it, does it really matter who is the halftime show at the Grey Cup or Super Bowl. If you are a football fan, you sit down to watch the game and at the half, you do what you have to do, you don't sit and watch the act---at least I don't.


Anonymous said...

Blue Rodeo? No thanks!

Anonymous said...

What will everyone do and say when The Leader-Post on the day after the Grey Cup has a picture of Mike Kelly and Michael Bishop with trophy in tow! HA HA HA!!!


Switzer said...

I have a blog you may or not read at, and I sign every post with R$. The above joker is not me.