Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Allure of Tim Hortons Coffee

Let me say right now I do not hate Tim Hortons. I have visited many establishments and I have sampled many items ranging from sandwiches to donuts to coffee. The popularity of Tim Hortons is one though that baffles me. I can't understand what would possess people to wait and wait and wait in a drive-thru line just for a coffee. Is there something in those coffee beans that keep people coming back? Is it the chance--albeit a slight one--that you might roll up the rim and win.
Robins coffee is just as good and who's kidding who, a 7-11 coffee is just as comparable. As I said, I don't hate Tim Hortons. I just don't understand the fascination with it. Someone must know the answer but can they give it without fear of the Tim Hortons mafia taking out their wrath on them???? For that matter, will the Tim Hortons mafia take out their wrath on me for writing this. It is one of life's many secrets that really does need answering.


ed said...

Yes I will say that 7-11 coffee is pretty good as well but to put to compare Robin's coffee with Tim's coffee. It would be like to try compare the Moose Jaw Warriors history with the Pats history or sure the line ups are not is big it's cheaper and with a little be of will you might be able to choke it down.

Anonymous said...

18% coffe cream helps ;)

Anonymous said...

Tims is over rated, Robins is way better

Anonymous said...

That person nailed it, sugar or Splenda with 18% cream is the trick. Drink it black and it's very similar to others.

Judi said...


Here are some possible reasons why so many use the drive thru at Tim Horton's. Where I live, they actually block the city street, but nobody gets a fine. I notice that for some reason, the drive thru does move customers through faster than the line in the restaurant. Perhaps the drive thru orders are mainly beverages? Also, a lot of those that use the drive thru are going to (or coming from) work, and it is a matter of convenience to remain in your vehicle and be served. I also live where we have long cold winters, and it is far easier and warmer to just reach out of the window for your coffee, than to get out of a warm car, stand in line, then go back to a cold car.

You may be right about the coffee comparisons, but I really think the service has more to do with it, rather than just purchasing a cup of coffee for its taste.