Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CFL Fines Riders Regarding SMS

The CFL says only one team exceeded the 4.2 million dollar salary cap in 2009 and to no one's surprise that team is your Saskatchewan Roughriders. In a release from the CFL, commissioner Marc Cohon says seven of the eight teams adhered to the cap but the Riders were $87, 147 dollars over meaning they have been fined that amount by the league.
With all the injuries the 2008 Riders had to endure, the fact they are over does not surprise me. The fact they are only over by 87-thousand says something for the job Eric Tillman did in managing this cap to the best of his ability. The 2008 Riders as we all know were stretched very thin because of the injuries. Its never great to be handed an 87-thousand dollar fine but when you consider what this could have been, I think Rider fans will take it. I know I will.

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Anonymous said...

I'm cool with this. I thought they might be 100 grand over and lose that draft pick. ET should be commended for doing what he did and forming a roster that still won 12 games. KM gets a lot of credit for that too but ET gave him the players to work with under a limited budget.
Do we know where exactly the other teams were and how close they were.(BC, Toronto!!)