Saturday, March 7, 2009

Honey I'm Just Thinking About You

You know the wife is always complaining that I never clean the house. BLAH BLAH this and BLAH BLAH that. Maybe I should help her out a little more by bringing someone in....I'm sure she'd go for this if someone in Regina offered the service.


Canada certainly didn't look out of place at the World Baseball Classic. With 40-thousand people inside the Rogers Centre, the Canadians and Americans hooked up in a dandy with the U-S winning 6-5. Canada had the tying run on 2nd when the game ended.
T-O will be in T-O this year as the circus known as Terrell Owens makes his latest stop in Buffalo. The Bills sign the controversial receiver to a one year deal worth 6 and a half million. No word if part of this contract includes therapy for quarterback Trent Edwards. It also means Owens will be in Toronto when the Bills play whoever at the Rogers Centre this year. I wonder how Canadian football fans will treat Owens. I know what type of reception I would give him.
Joel Jordison loses his first game at the Brier. He drops a 7-5 decision to Quebec's Jean Michel-Menard. He was the guy that won the Brier when it went in Regina a couple of years ago.

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