Monday, March 30, 2009

One More Time

C'mon guys. Remember the 80's. You were off to Delbert's or Checkers (I can't walk into the South Shoppers without thinking about what used to be on that site)or the California Club and sooner or later it would come on. A little Kenny Shields and Streetheart would start rockin the place.

"I heard a little rumour that was going round town.
He was your boyfriend I was your clown
I was waiting in the wings, I knew you didn't care
And when he told you so, I was standing right there.
Is your heart still cold now that he's not there
Have you had a change of mind
You can call it love, honey I don't care
Get it up one more time!!!!!!!!

OK now that you've either stopped reading or your memory banks have taken you back to days and nights that you wish you could relive, you know what I'm talking about. If you are a Western Hockey League fan in either Swift Current or Saskatoon you will get it "one more time"
as some Game 7's are upon us.
Tonight. the Broncos and Tigers will meet in Game 7 of what has been a thoroughly entertaining first round matchup. Wednesday night, the Blades will be back at Credit Union Centre to go at it against Lethbridge one more time. Saskatoon had to go into Lethbridge and win to force a one game winner take all showdown and that is what they do as they knock off the Hurricanes 5-2. I've always said in a Game 7 that I will take the home teams so if that's the case, Swift Current and Saskatoon will move on. They should be two great games. Of course we will see Game 7 from Saskatoon Wednesday thanks to the fine folks at Shaw and Access(sorry Sasktel Max subscribers) and I may just have to tune in to the WHL site to watch the happenings at the Credit Union I-Plex tonight.
When Sean Avery went back to the Rangers, Marty Brodeur knew he would have to face the pest at least "one more time" and that time came last night as the Blueshirts and Devils skated around Madison Square Garden with the Rangers winning it 3-0. Avery had an assist in the game and while he didn't get under the skin of Brodeur the way he did in last year's playoffs, he did get under New Jersey's skin. Like him or not you have to admit when he is agitating the opposition the way he does the Rangers are a better team. His style didn't work in Dallas but its working in New York and you know he will be at his pesky best come playoff time.
I can't forget the SJHL final although one couldn't blame me. After starting the series Friday in Humboldt, Game 2 doesn't go until tonight with the Broncos needing a win in Melville to even things up. Why such a long wait between games????
Big surprise here. Tiger Woods' victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Sunday produced the highest rating for a golf tournament since--------you guessed it last year's US Open. Whenever Tiger plays and is on the leaderboard, people tune in to see what magic he will perform. Its as simple as that. Last year when the US Open was on, I was in Toronto to watch the Cubs and the Jays. With the tournament being on the West coast it meant TV coverage of the event went into the early evening hours in the T dot O dot and I got caught up in it and so was everyone else at Jack Astors when I went in there. You can't deny the man's popularity and what he does for golf. If he plays, people watch. If he doesn't, people could care less. I'm guessing it wouldn't be that way for events like the Masters and other majors but more get drawn in if he is in the running. That is why Tiger is bigger than the PGA. The association doesn't dare tell Tiger what tournaments to play in because they can't. Tiger does what Tiger wants to do and the association will just have to continue living with that.
A good friend of mine had a great question yesterday concerning the Regina Pats. Everyone was quick to draw the swords out and criticize Brent Parker this season for one that went awry. Did these same people praise Parker last year when he helped form a team that won the Eastern Division pennant. Of course the answer is no. Yes the team went out in the first round to Swift Current but when the gap is just five points between the two teams was the "upset" that monumental. It was for a lot of people. Then again, Regina sports fans as passionate as they are have never been known to be a patient lot.
TSN's "Off the Record" is not a show that I feel I have to watch every day unlike "Around the Horn" and "Pardon The Interruption" but I will watch today. The reason...Regina mayor Pat Fiacco will be one of Michael Landsberg's guests. As much as many of us would like to see Fiacco deliver a one two combo to the pompous solar plexus of the host we know it won't happen but it will be interesting to see what Pat has to say. Here's hoping his appearance is better than Rod Pedersen's. He was ambushed right off the start and it didn't get any better from there. Watching that reminded me of watching wrestling and seeing the good guy get attacked before he gets in the ring.


Anonymous said...

I love the blog but I miss you on the air. Its not the same hearing you go off on something or other. The DRSS is also not the same without you on it and would have been WAY better had it been the MBSS. You really need to be working at CKRM as you and Pedersen would be a great team.


Mitchell Blair said...

Thanks for the words Darren. I agree with you about Rod and I but I can't see it happening. Rod has gone so long without help and has done a great job so why change whats working. They know of my interest if that should change but I can't see it happening. It would be nice though to go to a place that actually cares about sports. I could go on but theres no need to.

Sudsy said...

Bought tickets this afternoon to tomorrows Blades game. Lower bowl is sold out and upper Level is half sold out. Should be a great atmosphere.