Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guess Who Is Back In The Winners Circle??!!

There are three things in life you can be sure of. Death, taxes and Tiger Woods draining a long distance putt to win a golf tournament. The PGA Tour muckety-mucks have to be smiling after Tiger roared back to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Tiger went into the final round trailing Sean O'Hair by five shots but there he was standing over a 17 foot birdie putt---one that would win the championship. If you were watching, you knew he would make it. You just knew he would just like has so many other times. This means Tiger is officially back and one would have to think in a couple of weeks he will be wearing another green jacket after winning another title at "The Masters". If there is any athlete out there today who is more clutch than Tiger, I'd like to know who it is.
Medicine Hat and Swift Current will go 7. The Tigers forcing a one game winner take all showdown in Swift Current as they win Game 6 3-0. Ryan Holfeld stopped 22 shots to get the win while Brennan Bosch and Tyler Ennis each had two points. Of course tonight, the Blades need a win in Lethbridge or else the Hurricanes move into the 2nd round and what was a great season by Lorne Molleken's men goes up in smoke.
The Canucks are keeping the heat on the Flames. Roberto Luongo gets the shutout as Vancouver beats Chicago 4-0. The Canucks are once again one point back of Calgary for first in the Northwest and 3rd overall in the West. They are also tied with Chicago for 4th place in the West. Meanwhile, the Oilers came out with the intensity of an afternoon nap against Minnesota and lost 3-2 meaning they have gone from 8th to 10th just like that. I really don't know if the Oilers are going to make the playoffs. Will it really matter in the long run?? I'm guessing if they don't that will be it for Craig MacTavish. Even though I am a MacT fan, a change may be needed behind the bench and if not making the playoffs means that change happens than so be it.
It will be North Carolina, Connecticut, Villanova and Michigan State in the final four at the NC double A mens basketball tournament. I had Connecticut and that was it. My brackets are officially toast!
I tried again Sunday but I just can't. NASCAR brings absolutely nothing to me. I just can't sit there and watch it. It bores me to tears. I just can't get into it. Some don't want to watch golf on TV, some don't want to watch curling, some don't want to watch baseball. NASCAR does it for me, I just can't watch it. I appreciate the passion NASCAR fans have for their sport but try and try as I might, it just makes me reach for the remote. Sorry NASCAR fans!!
Nickelback wins three Junos including group of the year. Yeah OK!! I don't love Nickelback but I don't despise them either.
For those wondering and I know the buzz is out there. Today is not the day we find out whether or not Regina is on the "Highway to Hell". (Although you do have to pass through Regina to get to Winnipeg BA HA HA!!) Its a joke!!!!

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