Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Did San Jose Make Move Of The Day???

Now that the dust has settled as the NHL trade deadline has come and gone, I can sit and look back at who did what and see if what was done today will pay immediate dividends for them or if its long-term. If talking about the latter then one has to like what Phoenix did as they started to rebuild their franchise. If you want to talk about what ultimately could have been the best move of the day, look no further than what on the surface is a minor deal between the Sharks and Ducks but for San Jose is one that could see them hoisting the Cup. The Sharks got Travis Moen and Kent Huskins for two guys I’ve never heard of. Make no doubt about it, Moen and Huskins won’t take any ice time away from Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau or Dan Boyle but those two bring to the table what Thornton, Marleau, Boyle and most of the Sharks don’t have and that is they know what it takes and what sacrifices need to be made to win the Stanley Cup. Coach Todd McLellan knows what it takes having won it all in Detroit. Claude Lemieux knows what it takes having won it with Colorado and Montreal and now the Sharks go out and get two more “grit” guys who know what will have to be done to get to the top of the mountain which is something talented San Jose teams of the past have not been able to get done. One can’t forget what type of job Moen did just a couple of years ago when he helped Anaheim win the Cup. He was arguably that year one of the best Ducks in the playoffs and was thought by some to have a shot at the Conn Smythe Trophy. So again, what appears to be just a minor deal struck right before the deadline may have major consequences when it comes time for Gary Bettman to present hockey’s holy grail.


Noel said...

I agree that this one has to get consideration for Impact Deals-O-The-Day along with Calgary picking up Jokinen and Leopold. I'll give the slight edge to the Sharks right now. Obviously these two guys make up 2/3 of the checking line now, so does that bump a couple young guys off that line or a couple old guys, Roenick and Lemieux, off the forth? What do you and your buddy Drew think?

Mitchell Blair said...

I can't see Roenick or Lemieux getting bumped because they are the older experienced guys so I'm guessing a couple of the younger guys will ride the pine. As for Drew, well lets just say many, many co-workers phoned, e-mailed, texted etc. etc after my dismissal but he was not one of them. Take that for what you will and know what I mean when I say I don't know what he thinks.

Noel said...

Ah, enough said.
Apparently I wasn't taking my medication yesterday when I stated that Huskins was a 3rd liner when he is, in fact, a Dman. I still like the move.
Thanks for the response.
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