Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NHL Trades, UFC and Manny Ramirez

It started slow but there have been a lot of deals on trade deadline day in the NHL (as of 12 Noon)but the biggest appears to have come out of Calgary where the Flames have gotten Olli Jokinen from Phoenix. This should surely have Detroit and San Jose looking to make a move. Ottawa got goalie Pascal Leclaire from Columbus for Antoine Vermette. Leclaire probably won't play for the Senators this year because of an ankle injury but he is a tremendous upgrade between the pipes. Guys like Bouwmeester, Morris, Antropov and Guerin are still out there...will they be with a new team by the end of the day. We'll find out soon. Oh yeah Leaf fans--I have good news and bad news---well then again maybe its a double dose of bad news. Toronto has picked up goalie Martin Gerber on waivers from Ottawa. They do this because Vesa Toskala is done for the year with a groin injury. Are the Oilers going to make a move???? TSN is once again winning this battle hands down as they are breaking trade after trade. Sportsnet just doesn't have the horses to keep up with everyone and when you add the wit of James Duthie its another victory for TSN.
UFC fans can circle May 23 on their calendar. That is when Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir will step into the octagon for a 2nd time. The first time they got together was just over a year ago when Lesnar made his debut and was upset by Mir in the first round. Lesnar and Mir will headline UFC 98 in Vegas. As for other matches, this isn't official but this is what is being rumoured.....

Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar
Josh Koscheck vs. Chris Wilson
Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra
Sean Sherk vs. Frankie Edgar
James Irvin vs. Drew McFedries
Andre Gusmao vs. Houston Alexander
Phillipe Nover vs. Kyle Bradley
George Roop vs. David Kaplan
Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs. Brandon Wolff
Tim Hague vs. Patrick Barry
Manny Ramirez will be a Dodger for a couple of more years. The flaky yet talented outfielder signs a 2 year deal with Los Angeles worth 45 million. Like Brett Favre, I am tired of Manny Ramirez and his "drama queen" act.


Noel said...

Was planning on watching Hardcore Hockey Talk online today starting at 10. Checked the TSN site and saw that they were streaming live so I checked it out. Haven't turned it off. TSN just has too many Heavies in the industry for anyone else to hang with. It's a blast to watch these guys.

What do you think of Billy Guerin to the Pens?? Conditional pick... I like it.

Tyler said...

Good card. Hope the rumours are true, but who are we kidding? Brock-Mir is enough to sell it by itself. I'm actually a little surprised they didn't put Hughes-Serra on a different card that was less of a sure thing.

Hey Mitch, wasn't it the first Brock-Mir fight that got you into UFC in the first place?

Speaking of BROCK SMASH!!!, I gotta think he's gonna have a better game plan this time around, and he'll be a little more cautious against Mir. The thing about Brock is that he sweats a ridiculous amount, so as the fight wears on, Mir will have a harder time catching him in a submission. Mir might have better technical striking, but will that be enough to overcome Brock's long gorilla arms and huge fists? Both guys know how to talk to hype a fight, so the build-up to this one will be epic.

Hughes-Serra will be good, if only for the interviews leading up to it.

Irvin-McFedries will be a good fight. Those two love to throw.

Sherk-Edgar will go to a decision. Bank on it.

It will be interesting to see if Kos can rebound from his recent loss that took him temporarily out of title contention. Wilson is no joke.