Friday, March 13, 2009

Martin and Howard Show Why They're The Best

(Picture courtesy Reuters)

Those making the schedule at the Brier knew what they were doing. The round robin came to an end with the most anticipated game of the week taking place as Ontario’s Glenn Howard took on Kevin Martin of Alberta. The two rinks knew going in they would play in the 1 vs 2 game on Friday and that they very well could meet again in Sunday’s final. The two did not disappoint the almost 13-thousand at the Saddledome as they delivered a classic. In the end, Martin won to complete the round-robin with a perfect 11-0 mark. The win was also his 24th straight which is a record. I don’t know if these two can duplicate the performance we saw last night but if they do, curling fans at the Dome and those watching on TSN will be in for a treat. As for Joel Jordison, he finished with a loss to Brad Gushue and his Newfoundland foursome. Jordison’s first Brier was not a great one….he finished 3-8. Quebec meets Manitoba in a tiebreaker today with the winner playing Newfoundland in the 3 vs 4 game.
The Oilers just continue to frustrate me. After letting one get away in Montreal on Tuesday, they pissed another one away last night losing to Atlanta. When you are in a playoff battle and you have a team that is out of it as your opponent, you must pounce on them early and get the two points. That is a message that once again did not get through as Edmonton just let Atlanta hang around and hang around and in the end, the Thrashers win it in overtime. I like MacT but having a like for someone doesn’t bring results and Edmonton isn’t getting enough of those. Where are you Pat Quinn???
The last weekend of the WHL regular season begins tonight. The focus is on two games in the Eastern Conference. Edmonton plays Red Deer while Prince Albert tangles with Saskatoon. The Raiders are two points back of the Oil Kings going into the weekend. Did you know that if the two teams finish tied for the last spot that they will play a tiebreaker game??? I didn’t until I read it. The game would go Tuesday in Prince Albert. By the way if the fine people at SHAW read this blog, I would appreciate you showing us the first round matchup between the Blades and Hurricanes if they indeed play one another which right now they would. . If you don’t want to give us that one, then please show Medicine Hat-Swift Current. A Calgary-Prince Albert/Edmonton matchup will be all Hitmen and I have no real interest in Brandon-Kootenay. You can then go out West and show us Vancouver and Kelowna and then come back for the East final between Calgary and whoever before we get the Hitmen-Giants final. Thank you!
The SJHL divisional finals begin this weekend. Melville takes on Weyburn in the Sherwood Conference final while the Itech Conference pairing has Humboldt skating with Flin Flon.
Its Friday the 13th so if you are superstitious stay home today and don’t walk any under ladders or have a black cat cross your path. What the hell even if you’re not superstitious, just stay at home today and take a long weekend.

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