Sunday, March 22, 2009

Too Little Too Late...Isn't It??

It would appear the Ottawa Senators got their game going just a little too late. The Sens have won nine of their last 10 after beating the Rangers 2-1. The win streak likely won’t get them into the playoffs but I have to ask where the h-e double hockey sticks was this a couple of months ago. This team didn’t really dismantle its roster at the trade deadline. The only thing they did was get rid of Craig Hartsburgh and former Pats coach Curtis Hunt. At least Curtis stayed in the organization by becoming the head man with Ottawa’s AHL affiliate but I feel bad for him because he left a great gig to take that gamble with the bigs. It’s a gamble he likely doesn’t regret taking as you have to answer that call when it comes but he was set in Regina and one can only wonder what the Pats fortunes would have been had Hunt been behind the bench instead of Dale Derkatch. This isn’t a condemnation of Derkatch….its just a what if??
The Hitmen lead the Oil Kings 2 games to none in their WHL East quarter-final but they had to work to win the 2nd game. The Hitmen outshot Edmonton 56-25 but Oil Kings goalie Torrie Jung just about stole one. Kris Foucault sent the game into the 4th period with a goal with just over four minutes to go. Calgary then won it in overtime on Carson McMillan’s goal nine minutes into period 4. That one has to leave a mark.
The SJHL final is now set. Melville will play Humboldt after eliminating Weyburn on Sunday night. I would think the league final would start Friday but I haven’t seen anything official from the league.
Thank god for the NFL network. They are replaying games from the 2008 season which is something this football fan loves. Yeah you know what the end result is but its football and really isn’t that what matters.
The number one seeds have moved into the Sweet 16 at the NC double A mens basketball tournament. Pittsburgh, Louisville, North Carolina and Connecticut all getting through the first two rounds unscathed. All four will be in tough this weekend though as they look to move on to Detroit and the final four.
It looks like Jesse Lumsden might be an Olympian. He and Pierre Lueders teamed to win gold in the two man event at the Canadian bobsleigh championship. TSN has the full story on Lumsden’s weekend and what needs to happen for him to be in Vancouver next winter…..
Kevin Martin and Shannon Kleibrink took the mens and womens titles at the Canada Cup of Curling in Yorkton. Martin beating Randy Ferbey in the mens final with Kleibrink beating Marie-France Larouche in the womens final. I don’t really know what this means when it comes to rinks participating getting their chance at the pre-Olympic trials or the Olympic trials. All I know is when those events are on there will be some first class curling on the tube.
That’s all I got for now. Later!!

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