Friday, March 13, 2009

A ShamWow Parody

OK, lets get it right out into the open. I hate Vince from the Sham-Wow ads. The Sham-Wow might be the greatest invention ever made but I hate Vince way too much to even consider purchasing one of these. Of course if given the chance to stuff a Sham-Wow down Vince's throat, I may buy several. I digress. My good friend Tyler(you can link to his blog from mine) has found a Sham-Wow parody that must be shared. Thanks Tyler! (He claims to be Saskatchewan's sexiest blogger--I'm not sure what the criteria for that is and who should be challenging him for that honour but I'm thinking there are some ladies out there that would get my vote. Enjoy!!!

By the way am I the only one that can't stand Vince!!!

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