Monday, March 2, 2009

This And That

--So let me get this straight, Human Growth Hormone is something that many pro sports don't want their athletes taking and I'm guessing that goes right down to the grassroots level of many sports yet I can turn to the back page of today's Leader-Post and see a full page ad promoting HGH and an order form to buy it. Something isn't right here!!

--Am I the only one that thinks former Argos linebacker Mike Fletcher would be a good addition in Riderville.

--Is Saskatoon Blades goalie Braden Holtby the WHL MVP this season. Where would the Blades be without Holtby this year??

--A 2 hour "24" tonight. YESSSS!!!!!!

--How can you not be a fan of Vic Rauter, Linda Moore and Ray Turnbull. They are simply outstanding in bringing curling into the living rooms of Canadians from coast-to-coast. Their passion for the game is infectious.

--I would applaud those in the CFL if they eliminated the single point. It simply isn't needed and I don't care what proponents of "the rouge" say, you shouldn't be rewarded for failure.

--A poll asking for the best in the WHL's Eastern Conference has Regina Pats fans ranked as 3rd. Are you kidding me?? If sitting on your hands and not making any noise unless asked to is seen as envious. If you ask me, Pats fans should be embarassed. They could take a lesson from their counterparts in Moose Jaw when it comes to supporting a junior hockey team. Speaking of Pats fans, my good friend Rod Pedersen is outraged over "fans" booing Colten Teubert during the CKRM post game show last night. I wholeheartedly agree with RP's thoughts on the matter. Still with Rod, I do disagree with his statement that he endorses bringing Casey Printers to Riderville. NO, NO and let me repeat NO!!!

--New York Mets 3rd baseman Fernando Tatis missed a spring training game this week with what the team said was a "sore left palm". Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I don't think I want to know do I.

--I hope there's a great crowd for the CIS Womens Basketball Championship in Regina this weekend. I know Reginans will make the CKHS the place to be this weekend and prove once again that people do care about their sports in this city despite what some ---about 2 1/2 hours north on Highway 11--might try to tell me. By the way, GO COUGARS!!!

--Why does something tell me Chris Pronger could be wearing a Maple Leafs uniform by the end of the week.

--Have you cast your vote for Humboldt as the Kraft Hockeyville winner for 2009 yet. Personally, I would take Wilcox ahead of Humboldt (nothing personal to the fine folks of Humboldt) but when I think hockey in rural Saskatchewan, I think of Notre Dame and Wilcox. That being said, I hope everyone reading this will vote for Humboldt. I have!


Noel said...

I think Holtby should definitely be in the running for league MVP. He holds that team in every night and allows them to grind out wins. Great year for him.

Anonymous said...

The point of the rouge in the CFL is not to reward failure it is to encouage teams to run the ball out of there endzones, one of the most exciting plays in the CFL is kick returns especially missed field goal returns, if you get rid of the rouge you would miss out on that