Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rider Pride Alive and Well

Good news from Taylor Field Monday afternoon as president, CEO and all around good guy Jim Hopson addressed the media on a variety of topics. One of those topics was season-ticket sales. 2009 packages start going on sale tomorrow and Hopson says 17-thousand have renewed their seats already from last year. One would have to think if the Riders could get to the 20-thousand mark that they would have no problems weather and play permitting from having each and every game sold out. Many Rider fans are wanting to know what is going to happen with GM Eric Tillman and they have every right to but they are not letting that situation stop them from buying tickets. I believe 2009 will be another entertaining season and if the damn injuries stay away this team might be able to compete for a Western Division title and another Grey Cup.

Speaking of Tillman, his case goes back before the courts this morning. There are some rumblings that Regina native and former Bombers GM Brendan Taman may be getting ready to come into the office to fill some of the GM duties that Tillman can’t because he is on administrative leave. Taman is a good man(despite what some might tell you in Winnipeg) and I think if the Riders don’t get him, someone will snap him up very soon. What happens in court today may go a long ways to knowing if Taman is ready to make Mosaic Stadium his home.


WHL news. The Chilliwack Bruins fired coach Jim Hiller on Monday. The Bruins were last in the BC division with a record of 19-46-2-5.

Canadian born outfielder Jason Bay and the Boston Red Sox are at odds over a new contract. The Red Sox saying they are concerned about the unpredictability of the U.S. economy when it comes to signing the Trail BC native. If I’m Jays GM, JP Ricciardi, I am making some phone calls to see what it would take to get Bay in a Toronto uniform. He would be a natural sell. Would it be enough to get Toronto up there with the Yankees and the Red Sox---NO!! but it would give them another bat. If this team is going to win a lot of games this year they will have to score a lot of runs. I’m guessing Ricciardi will just hide his head in the sand and hope Jason re-signs with the Red Sox so this story can go away. As you can tell, I’m not a big JP fan.
Someone else who I am not a fan of is Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler. This guy needs to take the soother out of his mouth and play some football. Cutler isn’t happy with his new coach Josh MacDaniels because they apparently tried trading him. He has been pouting ever since and is now asking for a trade and refusing to show up at some mini-camps. The Broncos simply don’t need this clown. He hasn’t delivered the goods as advertised(however in his defence Denver football fans want the 2nd coming of John Elway or nothing) and his record in a Broncos uniform is less than 500. There is talk that perhaps the Broncos package him in a draft day trade with Detroit to get the number one pick overall. If Cutler hates Denver, he’ll love Detroit!!!!

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