Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who Is Dishing Out The Stupid Pills In The NFL Office??

What is going on in the head offices of the NFL. Its bad enough that they are softening up the game by basically not allowing defensive players to hit the quarterback anymore as hits above the neck and below the waist will now result in penalty. Now this! The league--as you know--wants to expand the schedule to 17 or 18 games. This would mean the Super Bowl would go in mid to late February meaning the conference championship games would go in late January-early February. It has prompted some to suggest those games be played in a neutral site. ????!!!!! How on earth can this even be considered?? You support a team all year long and go to their games and when it gets time for the biggest game of the year that you will see at home there is a chance it could be yanked away and unless you shell out the $$$$ you won't see it live.
How would you feel as a Rider fan if the CFL all of a sudden said the Western final wouldn't be played in Regina but in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal because it would be climate controlled. You would be outraged and you would have every right to be. A team earns the right to host playoff games and those games should not be moved. End of story! The Super Bowl still needs to be played in late January-early February and if that means the season has to start earlier to get that in than so be it. Quit screwing around with something that works. Doing that will just make you look bad and it will come back to bite you in the ass.
One other note. The brand new Co-Operators Centre at Evraz Place has its first major event. Hockey Canada announcing today the 2010 Esso Cup--the national female midget hockey championship--will be played in Regina. Five teams will take part including the host Regina Rebels.

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