Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Did Saskatchewan Ever Do To MacLeans Magazine??

That’s a question that really needs to be answered by Canada’s national weekly newsmagazine. After all, it claims North Central Regina was the worst neighborhood in Canada, it hates our universities and now it once again says Saskatoon and Regina are numbers 1 and 3 when it comes to the most dangerous cities in Canada. Am I going to sit here and try and tell you that Regina doesn’t have problems with crime –especially in the core area, no I’m not and the same goes for Saskatoon but I feel a helluva lot safer walking and driving in Regina at night then I would in Vancouver right now where gangs are becoming a bigger and bigger issue and drive-by shootings are something that is seemingly happening nightly. Is MacLeans just trying to cover up this fact because Vancouver will be Canada’s jewel in 2010 and they don’t dare say anything negative about it. If you want to talk about dangerous neighborhoods, maybe ask the Regina Pat players who went on a tour of the East Hastings Street in Vancouver about how it compares to what goes on in “The Core”. MacLeans really needs to send an army of people to Regina and to Saskatoon for that matter to see the good that is on our city. The community spirit, the volunteerism, the people that make both cities great,(although biasedly I do know Regina is better than Saskatoon :) ) Every year it seems as if this magazine wants to do something to piss the people of Saskatchewan off. Once again they have succeeded and once again I’m guessing sales of the magazine won’t be that high in what is the best province to live in in all of Canada.

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dv said...

Hey Mitch, long-time reader, first time commenter, think of it this way ... if Regina and Saskatoon are the most dangerous cities in Canada, Canada must be a pretty safe place! (Though I do share your disdain for McLeans often negative portrayal of SK)