Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Start Putting Dirt On The Coffin

While many have felt there would be no playoff hockey at the Brandt Centre this year for a while now, it became official in Prince Albert as the Pats gassed one bigtime losing 6-5 to the Raiders. Regina led the game 5-2 at one point but Justin Bernhardt’s goal midway through the third capped the comeback. Even had Regina won, they still would have been eliminated as Edmonton beat Kootenay 4-2. The season will officially end Saturday with a home game against Swift Current but in all reality, it is time to start getting ready for the 2009-2010 season now. I’m guessing Damien Ketlo will continue to get the call in goal as it is his time now and I’m guessing some of the younger Pats will get more ice-time over the last two games to start getting ready for next year. For guys like Jordan Eberle (who had a hat-trick last night) and Colten Teubert, I am sure they are off to the American Hockey League to finish off the year and maybe just maybe for Jordan, the Oilers might want to keep him around if they should make the playoffs. I like you certainly did not think this team would not make the playoffs when the season started and I am very disappointed to know that when I walk out of the Brandt Centre Saturday night that it will be the last time I do that until September. Brent Parker and Dale Derkatch will get a lot of heat over the next few weeks and one can’t sugarcoat the fact that they deserve to absorb that heat but I do think lessons have been learned and that when training camp rolls around next year that a new attitude will be in place and different results will come. Pats fans can look forward to one last year of Eberle and Teubert, another year of Jordan “The Real Deal” Weal who should be better and a chance to see a kid like Myles Bell start his road to what is hopefully the NHL. Those are just four kids you can look forward to seeing next year. Keep the faith Pats fans. Keep the faith!!!
A York University study suggests bodychecking in youth hockey leagues is associated with an increased risk of injury to players. The study, a review of published research from Canada, the U.S. and Finland, cited bodychecking as a leading cause of injury in youth leagues in the three countries. The research confirms the main finding of a York-led study from three years ago that said bodychecking was hazardous to young hockey players. This just begs the question “When should bodychecking start being allowed??? To me, a bodycheck is rubbing a guy out to prevent him from doing anything with the puck. There is a big difference between a bodycheck and a “hit”. Kids need to learn how to bodycheck and they need to learn how to “hit” by the time they hit their teenage years. If these idiots that keep wanting to change the game eventually get their way, hockey will look like the NHL all-star game. There will be no hitting and it will be a glorified shinny game. I don’t want that and I don’t think you do either. I don’t care what sport your youngster is involved in, the chance of injury is there. Whether it be football, soccer, baseball, whatever. If you don’t want your kid to get hurt, then don’t enroll him in sports and don’t wonder why he comes home saying he gets picked on all the time and that he doesn’t want to go to piano lessons tonight because of this.
So much for Kevin Glenn returning to Regina by the sounds of it. Ian Hamilton of the Regina Leader-Post explains….
Former Oilers owner Peter Pocklington is in some big time trouble. I could explain but I will let the story from the Edmonton Journal do it for me…..
Count me as one of those who have ill will for the man after he traded Gretzky to the Kings. It was on that August 1988 day that I learned something about sports and that its not everything you think it is when you are growing up. I wonder today what kids think about sports and if they realize the business aspect of it. I hope they do.
Kevin Martin remains the rink to beat at the Tim Hortons Brier. The Edmonton rink is 9-0 after a win over Jeff Stoughton. Every time I see Martin, I think he was separated at birth with his twin brother being the dopey guy in those Fountain Tire ads. C’mon…you gotta see the resemblance. Joel Jordison improved his record to 3-6 with a win over Nova Scotia’s Mark Dacey. Jordison’s first Brier will end today.
We saw Tiger Woods a couple of weeks ago but he is back today for his first stroke play event. He will tee it up at the CA championship as he gets ready for the Masters. Tiger didn’t look out of place even though he got beat in the 2nd round of the Match Play championship. You would have to think he is a certainty to be in the Top 10…OK top 5…OK he’s likely to be atop the leaderboard come Sunday night. One thing that will help Tiger is he only got 36 holes in at the Match Play championship but with no cut at this event, he is guaranteed 72 holes even if he should struggle.
That’s all I got for now. Have a good Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back Glenn I know I know Miller said not at this time but did he not say the same thing about Bishop.

As for the Pats if Parker says one more time about losing players to tournament's i'm going to flip enough with the excuses we just wre not good enough and he picked the wrong guy to coach.