Friday, March 20, 2009

Bravo Winnipeg Bravo!!!!

Winnipeg!! The city that whines over the fact their team got beat by the Riders in the 2007 Grey Cup. The city that has perhaps what might be the worst airport in North America. The city that clings to hope the NHL will someday return. OK, I think Winnipeg deserves a second shot too. But now this.

Was March 3 a stat holiday for Winnipeg's auto thieves?
No, but on that day — and for the first time in decades — not a single motor vehicle in the city was stolen during a 24-hour period, according to Manitoba Public Insurance.
"For too many years Winnipeg was known as the auto theft capital of Canada," MPI CEO and president Marilyn McLaren said in a news release. "That's a title soon to be relinquished."
Statistics were unable to confirm the last time Winnipeg went 24 hours without a car heist.
Manitoba's theft numbers peaked in 2006 when 16,986 vehicles were stolen or targeted for theft. In 2008, 4,465 vehicles were reported stolen in Manitoba, including 3,173 from Winnipeg. These are the lowest provincial theft numbers since 1992 when 2,411 vehicles were reported stolen.
The zero-theft milestone is confirmation that Manitoba's immobilizer program and the Winnipeg Auto Theft Suppression Strategy are working, said McLaren.

Congratulations Winnipeg. Something else to hang your hat on. I can't wait to see that sign coming into the city. Car-theft free days now sits at ___________. We in Regina are once again envious of your accomplishment.

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