Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Its Over!

The NHL trade deadline has come and gone. There were no huge blockbuster trades with guys like Pronger, Bouwmeester, Spezza and Smyth staying with their respective teams. The Oilers--in one last push for the playoffs--give up Erik Cole which isn't a surprise. They get Patrick O'Sullivan from Los Angeles and Ales Kotalik from Buffalo. (Does this mean the Oilers now lead the league in Ales's??). Their counterparts to the south did much better though as they get Olli Jokinen from Phoenix and Jordan Leopold from Calgary. The Jokinen deal is an interesting one as some guys believe its a great deal while others like Matthew Barnaby saying he is a cancer and that the Flames have hurt themselves tremendously by this. Pierre McGuire countered that by saying if Jokinen starts to stray off course and be a negative force in the dressing room that he will have to deal with Jarome Iginla who will knock his block off. Time will tell! Phoenix really revamped their roster as they get guys like former Kootenay Ice Nigel Dawes, Scottie Upshall and Matthew Lombardi. The hockey pundits say the Coyotes may have done the best job out of anyone today and I would have to agree with that. Add the three guys I just mentioned to guys like Shane Doan, Kyle Turris and Peter Mueller and Phoenix may be getting ready to do what Chicago has done this year with guys like Toews, Kane, Havlat and Sharp. In all, I have 22 trades being done today which is around what I thought there might be but it took quite a while for some of the action to start. I tried watching all three networks today but I kept going back to TSN because they simply are the best when it comes to the NHL. They just get it done! Nothing against the guys from Sportsnet but they just don't carry the weight that the guys on the TSN set do. As for the Score, well lets just say they are 3rd for a reason.
From the NFL, as expected Kurt Warner is staying in Arizona. The Cardinals sign the quarterback who enjoyed a renaissance this year and got his team to the Super Bowl before losing to a two year deal worth 23 million with 19 million of that guaranteed.
I received an e-mail from a friend of mine asking why I haven't commented on the story about Calgary billionaire Brett Wilson suggesting the CFL call Saskatoon home. There's a reason for simply won't happen. Say what you will but Saskatchewan can not afford to have two franchises in the league because they would hurt one another financially. If Mr. Wilson wants to bring a professional sports team to Saskatoon, talk to Charles Wang about buying the Islanders so that the team can do more than hold a training camp there. Then again if the NHL supposedly won't back go to Winnipeg (which they should do!!) than they won't be going into Saskatoon for a long, long time.
What was Matt Vasgersian of the new MLB network thinking when he did this??? (NOTE: If kids are present, shoo them away for a minute)

By the way I wonder if Access Communications is planning on giving us this network which is similar to the NFL network. Still with Access, I have all 4 Sportsnet channels on my package yet all of them are giving me Sportsnet West right now. WTF???

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