Friday, March 6, 2009

Two Questions To End The Week

Gimme your thoughts on these two questions.

1) If your NFL team had to have one of these three players on their roster, who would it be? 1)Terrell Owens 2)Pac-Man Jones or 3)Michael Vick

2) Who would you rather have as a teammate of yours? Terrell Owens or Sean Avery??
Some sad news to end this week as well. Colleen Howe, the wife of the great Gordie Howe, has died at the age of 76. She had been suffering from something known as Pick's disease which is a form of dementia for several years.


Noel said...

1) Owens because he is far and away the most talented of the 3, although someone could debate me on Vick in that regard. Owens doesn't bring the legal baggage but he would have to be brought into a team with strong leadership and character. Even then you couldn't build around him, only add him to put you over. Kinda like Manny and The Dodgers last season.

2) Owens. There is no comparing their skill levels in their respective sports. Owens would be like a Bure in hockey and Avery would be like a... I don't even know an above average guy in the NFL to name.

Portuguese Sensation said...

Michael Vick would be a good choice, provided he still had "it". He had a good arm and could run the ball well. Get some decent receivers around him and you could have a decent team.

With Terrell Owens, there's no doubt you get one of the best WR of all-time. But what happens when teams put him in double coverage? You better have someone decent to make catches too.

As for the second question... I like Sean Avery but I don't even think this one is close... Terrell Owens is one of the greatest WR ever - while Sean Avery is a guy that adds toughness and gets under the opposition's skin.

Anonymous said...

Two great questions Mitch. Keep this up and that idiot doing the show that should have been yours will be stealing your material. I would say Vick for the first question because his discretions were away from the playing field unlike Owens and were less serious than Pacman. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying killing dogs is right but it is behind shooting fellow humans. As for Avery or Owens, I'l get back to you on that one. Love the blog!!