Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cowboys Tell T-O To Run An "Out" Route

Who wants the headache known as Terrell Owens now. The Cowboys have apparently cut the controversial receiver ending a three year run in Dallas that saw him catch 38 TD’s but perhaps more importantly damage team morale by criticizing quarterback Tony Romo for always throwing to his good friend Jason Witten and not him. Make no doubt about it, there will be suitors for Owens but how much can he get this time. He is a distraction and he is someone that can tear apart a dressing room. Good luck to whatever team decides to take on this headache and please don’t let it be the Seahawks.
The World Baseball Classic is underway. Canada’s first game is Saturday against the US in front of what is supposed to be a sold out Skydome. Want more details on this event, go to . The Canadian team has some talent but they have a very weak starting pitching staff because guys like Jeff Francis, Rich Harden and Ryan Dempster are not playing for their native land. Who’s kidding who, I’ll be sitting in front of the TV Saturday afternoon cheering on the Canadians because I like you wave the Maple Leaf proudly.
Who would you take number 1 in fantasy baseball this year. I’m thinking Albert Pujols of the Cardinals but Hanley Ramirez of the Marlins can do it all---so can Mr. Rodriguez in New York but with all the controversy swirling around him I don’t know if it will affect his on-field play or not. I’m not willing to take that chance but I will take him if the opportunity presents himself. I’ve got to start ranking guys for my ESPN draft pretty soon. I used to love ESPN fantasy baseball because I would have an American League and a National League team but the four letter decided to make it a complete major league universe which diminishes the game somewhat but who cares. If you don’t know, I am a fantasy sportsaholic.
Brandon didn’t do the Pats any favours last night as they were beaten in overtime by Prince Albert. That means the Raiders and Edmonton are tied for 8th and the last spot in the East with 63 points with Regina seven back with six to play. Even running the table likely won’t do it now. By the way I forgot to mention that former Warrior-current Calgary Hitmen Joel Broda got his 50th the other night in a win over Prince George. Its hard to believe Broda is the first WHL’er to hit 50 goals since Justin Keller of Kelowna did it in the 2005-2006 season. Will the WHL ever see another 70 goal scorer or for that matter a 60 goal scorer. Maybe Mr. Eberle can do that next year for the Pats…..maybe!!!
We don’t know if the CFL are going to change any rules this year but it looks like the league is going to take a page from the NHL and the NFL and have a war-room set up to help out on reviewable calls. The league sort of let us know last year that they wanted a command center in Toronto similar to what the NHL has where an official will watch the games and make a final decision on a play that is challenged thus taking the responsibility away from the on-field referee. I applaud this move wholeheartedly if it should happen. I often think referees don’t like to admit they are wrong and even though it looks like a call should be overturned, the ref won’t do it because he doesn’t want to tell a big crowd and the big audience on TV that he was wrong. He won’t have that chance now as someone in T-O most likely former CFL ref Jake Ireland will tell him what the right call is.
Looks like Regina police might be putting a lot of money into their coffers this month……
One can only imagine how many seniors are going to get a ticket for this one and how many people from rural Saskatchewan visiting our fine city will get one as well. Note to self---tell Dad to stay away from Regina for a month.
Coach, I’ve responded to your comments on the Sharks acquisition of Travis Moen.

Until I blog again. Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

The CFL command centre is an interesting idea. I'm not against it, per se, but I guess I never really thought of officials being reluctant to change their calls in the face of video evidence that contradicts their original ruling. I can't recall many cases where a play was reviewed that the wrong call was made. Mitch, any examples spring to mind for you?