Thursday, March 12, 2009

Post Number 100. Brier Changes and The Circus Begins in Buffalo

Here it is! The 100th post on "The Blair Necessities". I thought it would be much more dramatic--oh well! The Edmonton Sun's Terry Jones has an interesting story out of the Brier in Calgary in which he suggests there could be a new look---and one frankly I don't like--to the Canadian mens curling championship. Read on...

I really can't see what has been suggested here happening. I do think the Brier should adopt the format from the Scotties and have a Team Canada thus abandoning Northern Ontario. Either that or add Team Canada. Logistically I don't know if that could happen. As Jones says, what would a Brier be without a team from Saskatchewan. An 8 team Brier also just wouldn't cut it with curling fans across the country and take away from the "Canadiana" that the Brier is. This curling fan says no to the idea.
Terrell Owens hasn't been a Buffalo Bill for a week and he is already starting to create waves. This comes from

The first skirmish involving receiver Terrell Owens might not involve Trent Edwards or any other quarterback on the team.
Instead, T.O.’s initial victim in Buffalo could be receiver James Hardy, the person to whom number 81 was issued last year.
In his first Buffalo radio interview, Owens made it clear that 81 belongs to him.
Asked whether he’ll be wearing the only number he’s worn throughout his NFL career, Owens said, “Yes I am. . . . That’s my number.”
Owens then was asked whether he has worked out a deal with Hardy, which is typically the custom when a new player wants to finagle a jersey number that already has been issued to another player on the roster — and which typically entails a sizable cash payment to the player currently in possession of the number.
It was a simple “yes” or “no” question. But Owens opted not to answer it directly.
“When I walked into the building for the first time and they showed me around and I walked into the locker room,” he said, “first thing I saw was a locker and it had the number 81 with Owens . . . on the back and I had some other Buffalo swag hung up in the locker room. As far as working deals out, I don’t know. That’s not my department. I think Russ [Brandon] the General Manager, he’ll have to deal with that.”
Translation? “I ain’t payin’ Hardy sh-t.”

Who's kidding who?? Owens is already dividing the dressing room and he hasn't even met his soon to be teammates yet. Less than a week into his new gig and the Bills are already forced to do damage control because of Owens. The guy is talented but his talent is overshadowed by the fact that he is a complete and utter a**hole. The Bills would be wise to see if they can get an annulment on this marriage.
Also from, another reason as to why Travis Henry should be neutered. C'mon!!!!

Troubled former Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry owes $170,000 annually in child support for his nine children and is unemployed as he remains under house arrest due to a pending cocaine trafficking charge, according to the New York Times.
The 30-year-old former NFL star’s children are ages 3 to 11, and all of them have separate mothers. Henry says he can’t afford to keep up with the child support payments.
“They’ve got my blood; I’ve got to deal with it,” Henry told the Times. “I love all my kids. I’ve lost everything in this mess I’ve gotten myself into.”
Henry said he didn’t plan the children with one exception, and was informed by some of the mothers that they were on birth control only to learn that they weren’t.
“I did use protection at first,” Henry said. “Then they’d be saying they’d be on the pill. I was an idiot to trust them. Second or third time with them, I didn’t use it. Then, boom!
“My counselor asks me, ‘How can you do the same thing over and over?’ Knock on wood, or something, I’m blessed not to have AIDS. That never crossed my mind.”
Henry declined to discuss the drug case, which is set for an arraignment next month.
UPDATE: According to ESPN’s Outside the Lines’ program, Henry recently became the father of twin girls, upping his total to 11 children with 10 different women.

Travis Henry is plain and simple a runaway greasefire.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Mitch..TO walks into the locker room and the Bills have already prepared a jersey with his # on it. If there's any hard feelings from Hardy, it's all on the Bills staff to put out that fire. Nobody knows better what a gesture like that means than a coaching staff.

Signing TO to a one year deal was a great move by the Bills. You're already seeing the Patriots scramble to sign DB's to cover him. He'll be fine this year, just like he's been fine in his first year in SF, Philly and Dallas. (Just cut him loose after the season.) Don't you think TO wants to play well and earn another big payday next year?

Anonymous said...

Norm said...

What idiots are discussing changing the brier format so that all the provinces aren't represented. Could you imagine holding the Brier in Saskatchewan and the province wasn't even at the event - so much for attendance records.

Has curling really reached a financial point were they don't need the revenues anymore, having a wide fan base isn't important anymore, and generating interest in the sport has reached its saturation point.

I find it hard to believe that fans watching the brier last night weren't glued to thier tvs to see if Northern Ontario was going to knock Quebec out of the playoffs.

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Norm.