Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NFL Says No Changes To Overtime

To me, the NFL has it all wrong when it comes to overtime but the league let us know today they will change nothing when it comes to the 5th quarter. Many, including myself, believe both teams need to touch the ball in overtime and that a game shouldn't potentially be decided by a coin-flip. We have seen a team win the toss in OT too many times and go down and get the winning points without the other team touching the ball. It isn't right. It isn't fair. The CFL's overtime is much better than the NFL's and so is US college football. Why the NFL competition committee would not decide to tweak the current format is a head-scratcher.
Randy Turner from the Winnipeg Free Press thinks the Riders-Bombers rivalry would be more interesting if former Bombers GM Brendan Taman resurfaced in Riderville. That is something Jim Hopson alluded to earlier this week. Here's Turner's thoughts....

Forgive me, dear readers, for the glob of drool running down my chin.

Can't help it.

Ever since reading the words "Brendan Taman" and "Saskatchewan Roughriders" in the same sentence on Tuesday the saliva gland has taken on a life of its own.

There are precedents to such an occurrence: "Beer" and "Free." "Gisele Bundchen" and "Victoria's Secret." But those examples are more instinctive.

"Taman" and "Roughriders," instead, evokes an immediate and unbridled response of glee, complete with a treasure trove of potential storylines. Just imagine: The recently resigned Taman who, according to Bombers head coach Mike Kelly, operated with little more than intuition and paper napkins, joining forces with the evil Roughriders.

My goodness, that would be sweet.

But possible? That's another matter, although the Regina Leader-Post reported Monday that Taman's name has come up with current GM Eric Tillman on administrative leave due to legal issues involving sexual assault charges.

"At this point in time, we're comfortable with the staff we have," Riders president and CEO Jim Hopson told the Leader-Post. "You're always looking for good people, though, and Brendan Taman is a good person.

"Eric and I had spoken about Brendan early in the year as someone who can bring value to an organization," Hopson added. "And he will resurface in the CFL. I know he wanted to take a bit of a break, but you get better by hiring good people. If there was an interest on Brendan's part, we'd be happy to talk to him."

Of course, this would only be possible if Taman, who could not be reached by the Free Press Tuesday, reversed his contention when leaving the Bombers that he was simply burned out. Taman said the relentless pressure of the position was beginning to affect his health and sanity. So he walked.

Now if that's still the case, Taman should run away from the Saskatchewan job as though it was Medusa. Because we're pretty sure that the only occupation more stressful than coaching or generally managing the Roughriders would involve chainsaws, feral monkeys and a cross-eyed knife-thrower.

But let's not forget that Taman, a proud son of Saskatoon, was planning to load up his Beverly Hillbillies truck and move back to Regina anyway. So maybe he could take on a more minor role in scouting and the Riders could promote director of player personnel Joe Womack and beef up the duties of head coach Ken Miller.

That might make Taman's joining the Riders front office more feasible. Here's hoping it happens. We can see it already: "Paper Napkin Night" at Canad Inns Stadium during the Banjo Bowl. All fans would get a napkin on which they could write down the names of their favourite players.

Besides, the Roughriders-Bombers rivalry needs a few new sparks to stoke the feud. After all, it looks like we won't have Troy Westwood to point out the orthodontic challenges of the melon-headed Roughrider faithful who, according to the former Bombers kicker, often had more victories in any given season than teeth.

Westwood will be missed.

But in Taman there would be a wealth of possibilities. We'd get Kelly to suggest that with the little guy in Regina, he's now keeping track of prospects with lists compiled on empty fertilizer bags.

Oh, the possibilities!

Winnipeg fans could gloat: Hey, did you hear the one where the Roughriders sent Brendan Taman to scout a combine and he ended up at a John Deere dealership in Weyburn? LOSER! Sure, we understand that Taman was looking forward to a summer to himself, where he could hack up any number of Saskatchewan golf courses with their flag pins all in gopher holes. He could take his fishing pole and blissfully troll one of the province's three bodies of water.

How selfish.

If Taman has an ounce of civic responsibility, he should head directly to Rider headquarters, which we understand is located in an empty grain silo in Estevan, and throw his lot in with the Green and White.

Then he could scribble off a snarky note to the Bombers head coach, something like, "Hey, Kelly, want another report? File THIS, pal!"

Written on a paper napkin, of course.
At some point, those in "Lose"ipeg are just going to have to get over the fact that the blue and gold just aren't in the same class as the green and white and that no matter how they try and justify it, they weren't good enough to win the 2007 Grey Cup. The Riders proved 2007 was not a fluke with their great play in 2008. As for the Bombers, well I think we know.


Anonymous said...

"As for the Bombers, well I think we know. "

HAHA I laughed out loud when I read that. Its so true!

Anonymous said...

The NFL has their head up their ass on the overtime thing. That is one rule that definitely needs changing.

I wonder if Winnipeg will ever let what happened in 2007 go. We eventually forgave Tony Gabriel didn't we????

Mike from Vita said...

Speak for yourself, anonymous. Thirty + years later, the name Tony Gabriel has the same taste in my mouth as the word "Wullerton" has in the mouths of individuals from Dog River.

Mitchell Blair said...

HA HA HA!!!! Nice one Mike!!