Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And Then There Were 6

The Vancouver Canucks are the latest team to leave the Stanley Cup party. The Chicago Blackhawks played like the Hawks that I think will win it all with another slap-around over the Canucks. How was it Chicago looked so disinterested at home in this series, yet so good on the road?

After this series, can we stop saying Roberto Luongo is the best goalie in the NHL. With his long-term contract about to kick in, I'd seriously consider asking myself if I'm Canucks management if this guy is going to be the one to get this team to where it wants to be.

Sami Salo throws cold water on the notion that European players aren't tough. I loved the Vancouver fans chanting "Balls of Steel, Balls of Steel" upon seeing number 6 in the lineup.

If Boston and Montreal could win their respective series and the Hawks beat San Jose, we will get an original six final. I wouldn't have a problem with that. Who's kidding who, I don't really have a problem with the final as long as its not a Toronto-Calgary final. Just typing that made me shudder.

What combo would you rather have. Toews and Kane or Crosby and Malkin. I'd take the Chicago pair. Yes I would.

Did Hockey Night in Canada just not show it or did the Canucks not bother to get together at center ice and salute the fans. After soiling the linen on home ice in this series, its the least they could have done. I'm sorry, but that just reeks of no class when you can't thank your own fans at the end of the year.

If Montreal beats Pittsburgh, I am calling for the Habs to break out video of Roger Doucet for O'Canada.

Smug, pompous and condescending. Three words that I use to describe Gary Bettman. He proved my case with his 2nd intermission interview with Scott Oake.

Does anyone truly really know what is happening with the Coyotes when it comes to Winnipeg? Should Winnipeggers just sit back and realize that if the Coyotes don't come home, then Atlanta, Nashville, Florida or the Islanders will soon be there. Be patient!

I believe I told someone who has significant ties to an NHL club several times that the NHL would be back in Winnipeg before it ends up in a place like Kansas City or Las Vegas. I was mocked for that statement. HMMMMM.

Another suggestion to SGI and the Riders when it comes to the licence plate. There will be three plates that everyone will want. They are the ones that will have 1966, 1989 and 2007 on them. There are three people who should have those plates. The 66 one can be given to George Reed, the 89 one can be given to Roger Aldag and the 07 one to Gene Makowsky. They are the three that deserve it. Someone please make this happen.

Do I know what Rod Pedersen meant with his cryptic statement at the end of his Monday Morning goalie column this past week? If I do know, I am certainly not to going to steal his thunder. Patience people, patience!

The only thing you are going to hear on shows like Colin Cowherd, Scott Van Pelt and Dan Patrick today will be "Was that Lebron James' last home game in Cleveland?". If I was a hard-core NBA fan, I would already be sick of this "Where will Lebron play next year?"

If you were having a CFL fantasy football draft, who would be your number one selection?

I would be some kind of pissed if I had booked a holiday for Toronto to see Halladay and the Phillies only to find out the series has been moved to Philly because of the G20. I'm guessing the Jays aren't happy about it either.

I'm still befuddled over Katy Perry being labelled MAXIM's hottest woman of 2010.

The Yellow Pages commercial with the "oily" guy is humorous, yet disturbing at the same time.

Its time for Ken Griffey Junior to retire.

I am just about convinced that Miley Cyrus is going to be this decade's Britney Spears. Have you seen her latest video?

I don't want to watch it, but I will check out the 5th Estate's interview with Graham James. While I don't want to watch it, I feel as if I need to. What about you?

We're almost three weeks away from the home opener for the Regina Red Sox. I love watching good calibre baseball on a summer night. Methinks I'll be doing a lot of watching this summer. Speaking of the Red Sox, like the Pats they are looking for billets for the upcoming season. Host families get 300 a month and free tickets to games. Call Nancy at 545-9973 if interested.

Getting lost in thought is unfamiliar territory for me.

Have a good Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Don't start kicking Luongo when he's down. Vancouver's defence corps was so deleted that it was just a matter of time before they were done. Had Chicago not done it, San Jose would have. If I couldn't have Brodeur in net, I would want Luongo.

Anonymous said...

Don't defend Luongo he was terrible.

Anonymous said...

Great idea on the licence plates. Hopefully SGI and Rider people read this and make it reality.

Anonymous said...

I am 22 and would do things to Miley Cyrus that I have seen upon visits to the X rated movie store. SHE IS SO F### HOT!