Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WHL Teams In NHL 11

The Pats and Warriors going at it on a TV screen near you. Sounds like it!

From Brunswick

EA Sports plans to include Canadian Hockey League teams, including the Bathurst Titans, Saint John Sea Dogs and Moncton Wildcats, in a popular NHL video game.

Inclusion in the NHL 11 video hockey game hasn't been made official yet, but all Quebec Major Junior Hockey League teams have been asked to send in pictures of their rinks and jerseys.

"It's cool that EA takes some initiative and really listened to ther fans," said Sandy Lindsay, who manages Gamezilla on Saint John's west side. "They seem to have listened to their fans."

Fans will appreciate being able to play as their favourite Quebec Major Junior Hockey League player, said Lindsay.

"They see them, they get an autograph from them. They want to be like them. And now they can play with them," he said.

The global exposure of a popular video game helps the team, and the league, said Rick Bowness Jr., marketing and communications director of the Saint John Sea Dogs.

"We have players from overseas," he said. "So do all the other teams in the CHL also, so they're really kind of enforcing the notion of the global village within the hockey community, which is obviously beneficial from our standpoint.

"People are going to recognize the Sea Dogs logo in Dusseldorf and so it's kind of cool and we look forward to playing it next year," he said.


Anonymous said...

Great! Now the Leafs AND the Pats can make the playoffs. HA HA!

Anonymous said...


too soon !!


Anonymous said...

Cool! I wonder how highly rated Eberle is or if he will just be on the Oiler roster.

Ryan N. Hopkins said...

I'm a player of WHL team red dear rebels and we were asked to send our pictures and jersey #'s, I really wanna see what they put my stats as lol. R.N.H