Thursday, May 6, 2010

Was That Cedric Hathaway?

Those that watched Stampede Wrestling in the 80's will know who Cedric Hathaway is. He was the referee for many a match that saw evil win out over good ninety percent of the time. He couldn't see any wrong from one wrestler, but he sure could see it from the other. As I watched the Penguins-Habs game last night, I couldn't help but wonder Eric Furlatt and Paul Devorski were imitating the clueless Brit. I kept waiting for one of them to throw sand into the eyes of Jaroslav Halak thus allowing Pittsburgh to score.
I'm not a Habs fan, I've never pretended to be a Habs fan, but holy crap(or whatever french for holy crap is)the refs tried to take one from Montreal last night. How Hal Gill could be penalized for slashing the stick of Sidney Crosby, yet Crosby goes unpunished for the same play earlier in the period is beyond me. It was one of many non-calls Pittsburgh got the benefit on. It almost made you wonder if Gary Bettman is indeed involved in some conspiracy to now get Sid back into the Cup finals seeing Ovechkin won't be there. Montreal somehow won the hockey game 3-2 to even the series at two, but I would think they would be fuming after that game because of the work of the men in the striped shirts. Simply put, they must realize two teams are on the ice.
If you have Johan Franzen in your playoff draft, you are smiling from ear to ear today. Franzen was just plain sick on Thursday night as he had four goals, and was a shinpad away from getting a 5th as Detroit staved off elimination with a convincing 7-2 win. Coming back from 3-zip is virtually impossible, and not many can do it, but if Detroit were to somehow go into San Jose and take Game 5, people would start talking.

I like bacon cheeseburgers and I like cakes, but I don't think I will be having one of these. Spacing is key folks, spacing is key. A bacon cheese grillburger cake.......EWWWWW!
Did anyone catch Mike Kelly on TSN's Off The Record Thursday. Kelly says it was him who was assaulted in his Pennsylvania home last December and that the assault started during a conference call he was on to announce the resignation of Bombers president Lyle Bauer. Kelly says the woman he was accused of assaulting was actually the one committing the crime and that she ruined him by going to the Winnipeg media telling them he had been arrested. Kelly added the charge is in the process of being wiped off his record, and that it was his belief he would not have been canned by the Bombers despite his one tumultuous year there. What do you think?
The future of Brent Parker as Pats GM is in question this morning. The Pats have called a news conference for this afternoon. Both Brent and his father Russ will be in attendance. Many have been calling for Brent to step aside as GM because of another miserable season. Is that going to happen? If so, what role will Brent have with the organization? Stay tuned!
I told you about Riders coach Ken Miller twittering that Shomari Williams had signed a contract with the football team. I missed the tweet that said Rams receiver (and Rider draft pick) Jordan Sisco has been invited back to Indianapolis. While I still can't see a Manning to Sisco touchdown on an NFL boxscore, you can never say never.
Why am I saying to myself that I'm not surprised to hear about Lawrence Taylor's latest problem.
That's it for me. I gotta go watch this week's 24. As you go into your Friday, ask yourself this....

Do you really get two scoops of raisins in a package of Raisin Bran?


Anonymous said...

Crosby is doing nothing to help his image in this series. Grow up and play the game. His antics in this matchup have me now cheering for Montreal. What he got away with last night was terrible. If that happened to him, he would have cried and cried all night long. Those that didn't like Gretzky in his hey-day have to admit Wayne didn't slash sticks and throw his weight around and commit penalties that should have been called.
Sid still has some growing up to do.


Mike from Vita, MB said...

What is it about the officiating that so many infractions are not called? If the reffing is going to be this non-existent, play a game without the zebras. I bet the game would be more exciting for the fans.

Living in Manitoba, very few people have positive things to say about former coach Mike Kelly. Unfortunately, his position went to his head and it overinflated his ego. It will take a long time before he'll be able to be spoken of, positively, in Manitoba

Anonymous said...

Mike Kelly and Eric Tillman would make a good pair.

Anonymous said...

if it was Cedric Hathaway, then the other referee was the referee of the year "Jurgen Himler" of Germany.