Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Boring, Boring Thursday

There are days when nothing of significance happens. Thursday was one of those days. Yes, if you're an NBA fan, you are talking about the loss by the Cleveland Cavaliers meaning Lebron-mania is now in full swing. Will basketball's best player be on another team when next season starts? I don't really care.
No hockey on Thursday night, but two big games will hit us on Friday. The Bruins will try and avoid an epic collapse as they look to eliminate the Flyers yet again. After being up 3-zip, the Bruins have turned it into a one game showdown. Coming back from 3-love is not easy in pro sport.
In fact, such a comeback is a rarity in the NHL -- the two successful clubs represent just 1.2% of the 161 clubs that have attempted it -- as well as in the other major professional sports leagues. Just one club in the history of Major League Baseball has done it, the Boston Red Sox in 2004 against the New York Yankees, and no club in the National Basketball Association has accomplished the feat.
Overall, 132 playoff series have gone to seven games since the NHL introduced the best-of-seven format in 1939. The home team has won 80 (.606), although road clubs are 3-0 in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs and 8-4 since 2008.

The other big game is the start of the Memorial Cup. Windsor will meet the host Brandon Wheat Kings in the first game. This should be entertaining, but I see Windsor winning this one. In fact, I see Windsor taking on Calgary in the final when all is said and done.
Something is going on at TSN. The network announced it had acquired the rights to Sunday Night Baseball with games going on TSN2. In exchange, Sportsnet, which had the games, gets 25 Blue Jay games that were going to be on TSN and TSN2 meaning all Toronto games will now be on Sportsnet. In the release announcing the acquisition of Sunday Night Baseball, TSN says its the first in a series of major announcements to come. What else has TSN and TSN 2 acquired? I would love to see Baseball Tonight which is an ESPN staple, but after that, I don't know what TSN could get that they don't already have. I guess we will find out.
Did anyone catch E:60 on Thursday night? The story about former Colts receiver Marvin Harrison and the hot water he is in over a couple of shootings was fascinating.
What's Maggie the Monkey doing right now? Does she miss James Duthie? Does James miss Maggie?
John Grigg of the Hockey News has an article up on their website stating the Penguins should trade Evgeni Malkin. Grigg says doing that would create 3 things

1)Give a legitimate winger for Sidney Crosby instead of the plugs he has had to play with who are 2nd or 3rd liners at best.

2)Open up more ice time for Jordan Staal

3)Free up some much needed cap space. Malkin's contract is 8.7 million a year.

What do you think Penguin fans? Hey Oiler fans, would you trade the number one pick for Malkin? I wouldn't. Grigg says sending Malkin to Edmonton for the number one pick, Magnus Paajarvi Svensson and Sheldon Souray is something he would do. Shipping Souray off is a given, but giving up two guys who are part of the rebuilding effort for Malkin would be wrong. Besides, isn't Edmonton just about capped out now?
The one good thing about Montreal's playoff success is Toronto still doesn't have any. I can't imagine what it would be like having Toronto and Montreal still alive. Thank god for Gretzky having the game of his life in 93 to avoid what truly would have been a Stanley Cup where I'm sure Bob Cole or Dick Irvin would have been killed in a fight to the death between the two.
I should take a trip downtown on Monday. I haven't been in the downtown core for a while. Then again, I need a reason to go. Maybe Tuesday. Then again, maybe I'll just stay away.
Bill Toffan is sounding great on the WOLF! I could say more, but why bother.
Alouettes GM Jim Popp is said to be considered for a personnel job with the Redskins. Don't go Jim. You need to be a part of that Alouette posse that comes in here and gets spanked on Canada Day.
Great boxing in Regina tonight as the Ken Goff Memorial Classic goes with Ireland facing Canada. This event has gotten so big that they now have to hold it at the Eventplex. This is always a great night. If you're going, enjoy yourself!
Have a great Friday!


Anonymous said...

We need to see yet another Boston-Montreal playoff matchup. GO B"S.

The Oilers would be crazy to trade for Malkin if it meant giving up pick #1

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch, do you like hot dogs in the park on a hot day? Or sipping an ice cap outside on a patio? Or having lunch at any one of at least a dozen great restaurants? Or having a pint at the best (only!) authentic Irish pub in town while listening to great music, or sitting outside on the patio? Or how about just babe-watching? These are just a few of the reason you might want to come downtown.

I work in the downtown core and I LOVE this time of year. And before someone brings up any lame excuses, let me address them:

Parking - would it kill you to park a block or two away from Victoria Park and walk to the downtown core? I didn't think so, tubby.

"Low-lifes" in Victoria Park - is blown way out of proportion. I walk through there all the time and have never once been hassled. Of course be smart about it - don't wander through alone & drunk at 1 a.m., etc. Also, if more of you so-called "regular" folks would spend time downtown, the so-called low-lifes would move on to other, less crowded areas.

Be the problem, or be the solution. Your choice.

Mitchell Blair said...

WHOA, WHOA, WHOA Mr. Anonymous(or is it can't really defend your argument without posting a name).
There is nothing wrong with Regina's downtown. Nothing! When I worked downtown, I didn't do all the things you said, but I did do a lot of them. I just have no reason to go downtown because business doesn't take me there and I can get everything I need (ie: groceries, shopping, socializing) in my end of town. If I want to go for a walk, I'll go through Wascana Park where the "babe-watching" is just as good! Don't even start! You want to identify yourself and discuss further than send me an e-mail. Your choice!

Anonymous said...

Well said Mitch. This guy actually had some good points until he made it personal. I worked downtown for a year and I loved it. However, I now work in the north end and probably haven't been downtown since Christmas. I have the Northgate and the Press Box is my bar of choice. Let this guy spout off and move on. Have a good weekend. I'm interested in reading what RP is doing on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Mitch, I don't know about you, but I'm thinking this year's Mem Cup might be one of the most compelling and one of the most hard-fought tourneys in recent memory. We know what Brandon and Calgary were like, one only has to look at Windsor's roster to see how good they are and I was in Moncton in January and got to see two Wildcat games. They are a very good squad. I will probably watch the MC instead of Game 7 tonight.

I could see Pittsburgh trading Staal before they trade Malkin.


Anonymous said...

Ken Goff Classic is a great night of boxing.

To the downtown Regina supporter, if I'm going to "babe-watch", I'll go to Wascana Park, In fact, I would rather go to Wascana Park than Victoria Park any day of the week. Downtown Regina is nice, but that park is a cesspool of depravity.

Anonymous said...

Flyers win tonight. Road teams have dominated the playoffs.

Eberle was unbelievable with Peverley and Kane. I'm guessing Atlanta is offering the farm to Edmonton to try and acquire him. I would if I were Waddell.

Might you have to go downtown Monday? Might you be doing something at CKRM? Are you and Pedersen teaming up?

The ESPN piece on Marvin Harrison was very revealing.


Richard K. said...

Hey Mitch, sorry about that rant about downtown. I didn't mean to offend you (or anyone else). That "tubby" comment wasn't meant to be directed at your personally, moreso at people who whine about no parking downtown just because they can't park directly in front of the store or restaurant. Even at that though, that comment was out of line and therefore I'm sorry and apologize to you.

I just get a little frustrated when I read so many negative comments online about people's perceptions of the downtown, when I think it's overblown, and also when there's lots of great things going on downtown, especially this time of year. But that's just my opinion, others are entitled to theirs. I'm kinda of passionate about it and I got a bit carried away.

I love the blog, Mitch, keep up the great work.

Mitchell Blair said...

No probs Richard. As I said, I've got no probs with downtown Regina, but my life just doesn't take me there anymore. When I worked at ME, I thoroughly enjoyed the downtown atmosphere---except for when I had stuff stolen from my car while parked in the back lot. I'm not the only one in that boat though.

Kevin K said...

The old Rawlco building on Sask drive was much more of an adventure - even without all of the old school jocks that worked there.
I see Boston / Habs but the Western teams must be thinking they will never have a better shot at the Cup than this year with no Ovie or Sid to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Mitch isn't tubby! He's big-boned!