Monday, May 10, 2010

Yeah, I Might Get One Of These

From the LP...

Starting May 19, Roughrider fans will be able to order special licence plates for their vehicles from SGI that will show their Rider pride.
The licence plates, which can be used in place of a regular Saskatchewan licence plate, will feature the team logo and include the phrase “Pride Lives Here”.
The plates will cost $50 plus GST. A duplicate plate is available for another $20 plus GST for the front of one’s vehicle. Personalized plates will cost more.
Net revenues earned from the sale of the plates will be given to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.


Anonymous said...

Holy cash cow! SGI won't be able to keep up with plate production.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

How many registered vehicles are there in Saskatchewan? I'm guessing 60 percent of those vehicles will have a Rider plate on it. Holy cash cow is right!


Anonymous said...

I don't know about this. Its like Hockey Canada having the green jersey at the World Jrs. We are drawn to something Riderish like lemmings, but at some point it has to stop. I give money to the team when it comes to season tickets and a lottery ticket, but I can't keep giving and giving and giving. I'll be one of those who respectfully passes on the licence plate.


Anonymous said...

Hey Glen, it's easy - if you don't want one, don't buy one. But don't deride the team for promoting their brand and trying to make some money (or would you prefer to go back to the days of telethons-for-tickets?) or fans who want to show their Rider Pride in another way.

It's called marketing and it's good for the Riders, the fans and the CFL. Why is profit such a dirty word in these parts?

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Alberta Government won't let me get one here

Anonymous said...

I'm with Glen. I have season tickets, I have purchased lottery tickets, I have gone to the Plaza, I buy my Rider merchandise from the Rider store. This is just another donation to the football club, but this one is worth more than the piece of paper that is mistaken for a share.
I show my Rider Pride in lots of ways, but I'm not putting down 50 for a licence plate. I'm all for marketing, but sometimes one can be guilty of overkill.

Anonymous said...

If you think its a cash grab, don't buy it. I like the idea and I will plunk down the 50 dollars. I'm not buying a share because I think they are useless, but I will pay for a licence plate.
Can I return it to get one that reads 2010 GC champions in December though?

Chris G

mongo said...

i think they shud make the duplicates available to other here in alberta!!!

and...ahem...go habs!!!


Mike from Vita, MB said...

I spoke with SGI...the license plates are only for persons registering vehicles in Saskatchewan. Us out of Province fans will have to hope the Riders have an UNofficial plate that is similar is style