Friday, May 7, 2010

Pats Need A New GM

After two seasons in which the Regina Pats failed to make the playoffs, Brent Parker is stepping aside as general manager of the team. He will remain the team's president and governor.
Parker says today is a fresh start and a new beginning for everyone connected to the organization. He adds this move is best for the organization as it moves forward and hopefully allows for the success that has eluded the franchise to become reality.
During Parker's time as Pats GM, 30 players have moved into the NHL, nine players from the team have World Junior gold and attendance has increased dramatically.
Let the search begin!


Anonymous said...

How many playoff appearances and trips to the conference final, heck just getting out of the first round.

B. Parker should have left years ago to get new blood and a new attitude. As a Pats fan in Saskatoon I just hope this helps turn the team around.

Anonymous said...

On the business side, Brent has done great things. He has increased the profile of the Pats and helped bring Regina many events. On the hockey side though, he just can't get it done. Someone needs to come in, not have Brent's interference, and build a winner. This is a good move.