Friday, May 21, 2010

Making It A Series

Flyers forward Mike Richards said it was a good old fashioned ass-kicking. He was right. Philly looked nothing like the team that dominated Montreal in the first two games of the East final, and Montreal finally found a way to solve Michael Leighton. Add it up and you have a 5-1 Canadiens win with Game 4 going at the Bell Centre Saturday afternoon and the home team looking to make it a best of 3.
A lot of people are upset over the fact that Stanley Cup action will be afternoon action this weekend with Game 4 of the Habs-Flyers series going Saturday and Game 4 of the San Jose-Chicago series going Sunday afternoon. Whether the game is on in the afternoon or not doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that the NHL season should be over on the May long weekend or very close to it. The fact that teams don't play back to back games anymore just doesn't make sense. I know the arenas have a lot of events and that makes it impossible now a days, but it just drags things out. Even Canadians know hockey shouldn't be played in June.
Canada is out of the World Hockey Championships after getting blasted by Russia in quarter-final play. A lot was made out of the fact Russia had 14 Olympians compared to Canada's 1. Rod and I along with the Pats Garrett Mitchell and those who were listening on "The Sportscage" got into that and Sidney Crosby's refusal to play for Canada. Those who phoned, texted or e-mailed were about 50-50 on Sid's decision. At one point, I said if Hockey Canada boss Bob Nicholson had asked Sid to play, he would have went. However, I don't think Nicholson would do that---especially just a couple of months after our best players won gold in Vancouver. We don't need to prove to the world that we are the best because we are not that vain. The Russians on the other hand need to improve their image after a disastrous show in Vancouver. I wonder what would have happened had the roles in Vancouver been reversed. I'm thinking those that would have been villified by the Canadian press would have gone to save some face.
There's a lot of excitement out there about "The Sportscage". It was a long time ago, but I don't remember there being that much buzz when Drew Remenda and Jenna Holbrook started the sports show on CJME/CKOM. Everywhere I went this week, people were talking about the show and what a great time slot its in and that having Rod and I together yakking about sports is outstanding. He's had a lot of calls, a lot of e-mails, a lot of texts and a lot of positive vibes. I can tell you that he was very uneasy and nervous going into Monday's show, but he's gotten more comfortable with each show and soon he will sound like a seasoned vet. Like I said last week, this is his rookie camp right now as he tries to absorb what its like being a talk-show host. As good as it sounds now, it will be better.
Getting back to Garrett Mitchell, I don't know where his hockey career will take him ,and hopefully he gets a shot at the NHL. If it doesn't though, he should look at getting into radio. He was not mike-shy on Thursday as he got right into the discussion with Rod and I along with providing a lot of insight. He was great! Rod might have found himself another co-host.
I spent my Thursday night hammering out a story for Riderville with Rider coach Ken Miller that will hopefully be on the website before the weekend begins. He believes his team can put the disaster of last year's Grey Cup behind them and move on just as you and I would move on after a terrible life-changing moment. Miller says "We will be reminded of that day from time to time, but like any negative thing that occurs in life, its something we have to put behind us and move forward. There’s no denying that its something that will be there. We just can’t let it affect us. "
Miller also thinks Darian Durant has improved over the off-season both as a quarterback and a leader and that we will see that this season. He also believes that unlike the past two seasons, his team has now garnered enough respect around the league that people won't be picking them to be last as has been the case by some of the so-called experts. He says the Rider work ethic is the reason for that respect. Of course that work ethic is a major reason for the W's. As I typed that story last night, I started to wonder how many wins this team could rack up in 2010. I came away with a 13-5 record. Is that what you're thinking?
So far, allergies have alluded me with all the pollen out there. Yeah, I have the sniffles from time to time, but it hasn't been as bad as other years. I'm sure its coming though. It won't be happening this weekend though by the sounds of it. Rain, rain and more rain. (sarcasm on) SUPER!! (sarcasm off)
Regina police had to corral a moose in East Regina last night. Can you imagine looking out your front window or driving down your street and suddenly seeing a moose. I don't know how I'd react to that. Living in Peace River, Alberta for a number of years, seeing moose was nothing uncommon. I had some friends killed when they hit a moose many years ago. I saw pictures of the wreckage and it was highly sickening to see what type of damage can be done. You don't win that battle. I also remember one other time, the coach of the senior hockey team, who was a great friend and mentor to me, ran into me on the main drag after being out in the bush doing some hunting. He said he needed some help with something so I should hop in his truck. He just said to throw my stuff in the back of the truck and lets go. I removed the tarp in the truck to throw my stuff in and there was a dead moose stuffed in there. Lets just say that set me aback a little. He laughed his ass off! HA HA! That moose resulted in some damn good eating though. There's nothing like a big moose steak!
David Braley is a Senator. Are you kidding me! Nice move there Stevie boy. Who's next, Lanny MacDonald? The only senators in Ottawa should be the guys playing at Scotiabank Place.
Jeez, I almost forgot. Its an evening of "culture' in Regina. Its High Impact Wrestling night. Is there a better way to spend a Friday night in Regina? Don't answer that!
Have a good long weekend and try to stay dry!


Anonymous said...

Totally off topic, but with you helping Rod out with the Sports Cage, I was just wondering if this means we will be hearing you on part of the Rider coverage. (ie: pre or post-game). Love the show.


Tarcy said...


Following you, one night coming back from Dawson Creek, the Navigators bus (with Mr. Radio Guy Me in the front seat) hit the biggest damn moose I've ever seen. Rack was HUGE! I saw his ass (I was asleep and woken up by the driver swearing) a split second before we hit it. I wore the windshield, and that thing messed up that bus bad. Luckily, it was a bus and not Terry's little Ford Focus or I probably wouldn't be here to tell you about it. That southern SK moose probably wasn't half of the northern moose, hey?