Monday, May 17, 2010

Good News And Bad News

If you read Rod Pedersen's blog, the secret has been made public. This afternoon at 4 o'clock, Rod and 620 CKRM do Rider fans and Saskatchewan sports fans in general a HUGE favour.

The first edition of "The Sportscage" will launch this afternoon. Rod will have his old pals John Lynch and Joe Hadesbeck with him. Tomorrow, I will step inside the cage with Rod and get back to talking sports on the radio. Its something I'll do a couple of days a week with RP. That's something that I never thought would happen. I have told you once and I will say it again, I do not miss doing my day-to-day thing for CJME. I will just leave it at that.
Rod and I have spent many years over many a beer discussing sports and when he presented A) this show idea to me and B) my involvement, my jaw did hit the floor. As he has told you, I have helped him out by doing a variety of things over the last few weeks. and I will continue to do that. It will be the best sports-talk program in this city and this province. (That's not a shot.) His reputation, his connections and moreso his attitude and personality will make it that way. Your drive home got just more entertaining Regina. Best of luck RP and yeah, I will have my fighting gloves on when I enter the cage tomorrow. ITS GONNA BE FUN!

At the same time, Rod has also announced that his long time affiliation with the Regina Pats is over. While I am happy to see a good friend pursue another opportunity, I must admit it does sadden me knowing that one of the best, and one of the most respected play by play men in the league has called his last game on the radio. I have listened to many of his broadcasts--through the good years and the bad, and it will be different hearing someone else. This rumour has been on the street for a while, and I have had several people ask me if I am the new guy because of the work I have done for the Pats over the years on Access. Let me tell you this right now. It is my guess that the Pats are looking for someone that has a little more experience at play-by-play than yours truly. I have not been approached by the hockey club, nor do I expect to be. Would I be interested? Hell yeah! Do I think I will get a call. If I do, I'd be shocked. It is my guess that Dan Plaster will be Rod's replacement. If the team or if CKRM wishes me to get involved in some fashion, I will be more than happy to do so.

That is all!


Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't the Pats want you to be their play-by-play guy? You know the Pats, you know the WHL, you do a good job on the Access games. It seems like a slam-dunk to me.


Anonymous said...

Mitchy is going back on the radio? That's great! The fact you are going to be doing it with Pedersen is even better. Look out Mike and Mike. Here comes RP and Scruffy!


Anonymous said...

Don't sell yourself short on the Pats gig. You've done a great job for them on Access, and they would probably love to have you take the torch from Rod.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news Mitchell. Hopefully it expands for you in the near future. It will be nice having four straight hours of sports talk radio on every night.


Glenn said...

That's great Mitch ! Looking forward to hearing you back on the air. I'll tune in online out here on the left coast!

Anonymous said...

Mitch. You were disrespected at Rawlco. That's been shown with what they have done with that show since you left. Good on Rod for having the common sense to get you on board with him from time to time.

Anonymous said...

If Brent doesn't consider you to be Rod's replacement for the Pats, then he is crazy. I don't know what Dumba's status is, but you and Rempel would make a great combo, and an entertaining one.

Anonymous said...

You lied! You were on today, and you sounded great. Rod teased the fact that you are guys are going to go at it tomorrow. Should be interesting! Its nice to have you two boys finally playing together!!

Rick W

Anonymous said...

There are some at CJME that miss you doing your day-to-day thing for them. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Mitch, great to hear you back on the radio waves.
Hope you will be on there more.

On another note. just read Arron Wagner tweeted his retirement. Rider's D taking another hit at the Canadian position.