Friday, May 28, 2010


If you read Rod's blog this morning, and many of you have, he told you I have taken a job at Capital Ford Lincoln. That is correct. I've had a lot of texts, e-mail, facebook messages wondering what is going on since I just got back into radio doing "The Sportscage" with Rod. Here is some clarification.

First off, I was not, nor was I at any time over the past couple of weeks a full time employee of CKRM. I was approached by Rod about sports-talk radio a few weeks ago because of my experience in the field. The fact that Rod has been a good friend of mine for many years made this request a very easy one. I helped him in every way possible and I think you have seen and heard how successful the show has been in its first two weeks. It will continue to be Regina's most-talked about daily sports show. If Rod's name is on it, it is not going to fail.

Many have asked what this new job does for my role on "The Sportscage". The immediate answer is I don't know. I am very grateful for the opportunity that was given to me the last two weeks and I know I am welcome at any time to sit in with him and do that show. The hours I will be working don't make doing that conducive at this time. Is that going to change? I have no idea. As I told Rod yesterday, I am not abandoning him just after he has embarked on this new challenge. After two weeks, I think I can push him on that bike that doesn't have training wheels and let go knowing he will be fine. :)

Lastly, some have said, you are selling cars??? NO! My role at Capital will not be selling cars as far as me being one of the faces you see when you come to the dealership. My job title is internet communications specialist. In this on-line world, many people are now asking questions on-line and filling out things on-line. With a team that I am working on, we will be filtering through those questions hoping that those who are asking the questions will come to the dealership and purchase the vehicle they are looking for. Nothing against those who are car salesmen, but that is something I just could never see myself doing. This is something I can see myself doing, and I thank the people at Capital for giving me the opportunity to begin what is going to be a new challenge.

To those that have asked and not gotten a response yet, there you go. Thanks for the kind words surrounding my involvement with "The Sportscage". It has been a lot of fun working with RP and the rest of the Harvard gang, and I'm sure there are many fun days ahead doing that.


Anonymous said...

You and Rod make a great team. I hope you can find a way to still be a regular co-host on there.


Anonymous said...

What do you know about cars--NOTHING!
What do you know about talking sports--EVERYTHING!! I hope you know what you're doing. Rod and you have made that show a must listen to every afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck with this. I'd like to hear you on the Cage five days a week, but if this is a fulltime job that you have with the Cage being a part=time thing, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Anonymous said...

Mitch, just do the show from Capital. Then you can have the best of all worlds. Not to mention free on air plugs for Capital.

Need to have Mitchell Blair on the Regina Air waves.