Monday, May 17, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

If this is successful, Tiger Woods might be able to recoup some of his lost money!

TORONTO — A 35-year-old Toronto woman is suing Rogers Wireless Inc., for $600,000 after her husband found out about her extramarital affair through her cellphone bill.

"My life is beyond repair," Gabriella Nagy said Monday. "It was a mistake, I rectified it and learned from it but I will carry it for the rest of my life."

According to Nagy, she had a cellphone with Rogers in June 2007 when her account was terminated without her knowledge and bundled with her TV, Internet and home bill.

Rogers sent one bill for all the services to the couple's home address. Nagy said that's when her husband saw her itemized cellphone bill and noticed one number that had been dialed numerous times. Some of the conversations spanned several hours.

Her husband then called the phone number and discovered that Nagy had recently ended a three-week affair. The couple separated in August 2007.

The lawsuit is seeking damages for an invasion of privacy and breach of contract. It was filed in December 2008.

Nagy said she's only going public with it now to help others.

"The bottom line is that Rogers terminated my contact without my permission, transferred my services to someone else's name and breached my privacy," she said. "I entrusted them with my personal information."

None of the allegations has been proven in court.

A Rogers spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment Monday.


Dave said...

You're the bitch who cheated stop acting like a victim. Roger's is not a fault because you're a moron in anyway. I'm happy the guy found out instead of spending his life with a whore.

Tyler said...

That woman is a colossal asshole. I wonder if she'll win the case? Probably.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

She's only going public now to help others! YEAH RIGHT!!