Thursday, May 6, 2010

Who Would It Be?

The CFL's facebook site is asking this question today.

If you were building a CFL franchise from scratch and could draft one player that's in the league today to start your team with who would it be?

What's your answer?


Anonymous said...

Darian Durant

Best young QB in the CFL right now

Little Johnny

Anonymous said...

Darian Durant

Anonymous said...

Ricky Ray.

without question.

Jer K. said...

I can't believe I'd say this but I think it would have to be Henry Burris. Without Cam Wake in the league, you have to draft a QB. You want one that is young but proven himself in more than one season (sorry D.D. fans). Henry doesn't exhibit the kind of attitude that I'd want on my team ... that means I might gamble on someone else, likely Durant!

Great question ... I wish there was a defensive monster I could select to emphasize the importance of defense to the franchise.

That's my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Joffrey Reynolds. The guy can run for 1000 yards and he has good hands. A good running back can make up for a quarterback's deficiencies. If a QB doesn't have an RB he can trust, those deficiencies can be exposed.

Anonymous said...

Casey Printers. The most talented player in the league who is a difference maker. The other player that comes to mind is Sean Lucas on defense. he can cover, tackle, blitz and is the best cover backer in the league. Either one would be mine.


Anonymous said...

Korey Banks. He is by far the best defensive player in the league.