Monday, May 17, 2010

Things You Learn On A Monday

The start of the new week presented many opportunities today to learn a few things. Some were reminders of things that I already knew, others were new. In no particular order, here we go.

---The person that said you can get from point A to point B in Regina in 15 minutes or less didn't have to go through road construction. YEESH! Almost everywhere I went today, I had to take some kind of detour because of road construction. Why is the Albert Street bridge shut down to two way traffic now?

---Doing some advertising for the Regina Red Sox, there are one or two companies that I haven't dealt with in the past, and won't be dealing with in the future for reasons I would rather not get into.

---The spicy Almond Chicken at Wok Box is something I must have more often. That was damn good chow! Damn good I say.

---The Edmonton Oilers will be stupid if they select Tyler Seguin instead of Taylor Hall with the number one pick in the NHL draft.

---John Lynch says he hates the Montreal Canadiens more than he hates the Edmonton Eskimos. This should really be front-page news in the LP Sports section.

---Kelly Hrudey's wife is from Coronach.

---Miss Massachusetts at the Miss USA pageant Sunday was Lacey Wilson--daughter of Sharks GM Doug Wilson. Here's Lacey...

--The Prairie Fire rugby team is playing a reduced schedule because some idiots at Rugby Canada decided to scrap the Rugby Canada super league. ????

--While I don't know who will replace Rod as the play-by-play man of the Pats, I am thinking it won't be this guy. These are so sad to watch, yet so funny....

Every week that I co-host Access 7's Sports Zone with Pete "The Polish Heat" Paczko, I discover that Regina is just teeming with amateur athletes that are deserving of the recognition and accolades they get.
Enjoy your Tuesday and remember if silence is a weapon, then I am defenceless!!


Anonymous said...

I'm all for making the roads better, but I almost think there is too much going on right now.

Anonymous said...

Any pics of Doug Wilson's wife!

Anonymous said...


Just let the oil choose Seguin.

The Bruins need Hall.

I don't know if the Oil Choose Hall. They are pretty good with Wingers and no real depth at Centre.

Anonymous said...

I learned on a Monday to have my radio on CKRM from 4-6 weekday afternoons.