Friday, May 14, 2010

Eberle's World Debut Is Huge

Canada routed Norway 12-1 at the World Hockey Championships today. Regina Pats forward Jordan Eberle got into the lineup thanks to injuries to Ryan Smyth and Steven Stamkos. He showed he is more than capable at playing at the World level as he had a goal and three assists.(He had one taken away after the game) Eberle had another goal waved off in the first period because the referee lost sight of the puck.
He was also named Canada's player of the game.


Anonymous said...

5 points in his international debut with NHL players. Yeah, it was just Norway, but that's a helluva first impression. Way to go Ebs!!


Reality Checker said...

I think TSN has it listed as 4 points now.
5 points would have been awesome!
4 points? O-Ver-Ra-Ted.