Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Canuck Fan No Longer Wants Luongo

From the Vancouver Province

Even before the horn at GM Place officially ended the Canucks' season Tuesday night, a dejected fan placed Roberto Luongo for sale on Craigslist:

“Sulking, belligerent and grossly over-rated goaltender who can’t stop a beach ball, seeks new gig,” reads the notice posted at 8:47 p.m., as Game 6 in the NHL playoff second-round series wound down to a painful end.

The “job wanted” ad was posted with the headline “Goalie will play for pasta, hair gel and $7.5 million,” and left no doubt about who this fan blamed for the Canucks' performance Tuesday.

“I promise to be the same self-absorbed bad team guy I have always been. Pay me my $7.5 M annual salary no matter how bad I play," it read.

“I will be golfing tomorrow and every day for quite some time.

“You can still reach me on my hotline: Louie 1-555-SUCK.”


Anonymous said...

I think Pittsburgh fans would take Luongo after Fleury's Game 7 effort.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh will take the WOP only for free.

Luongo is nothing but an average goalie. I guarantee you he will not end up in the hall of fame. To be paid 8-10 mil a year, one could expect a decent save at the right time when your teammates fall.

Luongo release your non-trade claus and sacrafice yourself. We need your salary money to pay Raycroft a little bit more and find wicked defensemen. So please leave & attend to your wife and baby, cuz you seemed whipped and too emotional.