Thursday, May 27, 2010

C'mon Theo, You're Better Than That

It was with great sadness that I heard Thursday that CBC was going to do a season 2 of "Battle of the Blades". That's CBC's version of "Dancing With The Stars" as hockey players of old are partnered with figure skaters. It made me stick my finger down my throat when I heard about it the first time, and needless to say the fact that its coming back makes me just shake my head. Did anyone watch this schlock last year. I guess the answer is yes. Anyhoo, Fleury and Russ Courtnall are two of the eight hockey players that will compete. Theo shouldn't be waltzing around the ice and contributing to this. He's better than that. He doesn't need to do this. Why Theo why? Let Doug Gilmour do it, let Lanny MacDonald do it, let Trevor Linden do it, but Theo? NO!


I exited the studios of Harvard Broadcasting after doing another two hours of Regina's most talked about sports show, said farewell to Rod Pedersen and got in my car. Knowing my 15 year old daughter has a ball tournament scheduled for this weekend, I turned on the radio to catch the end of the 6 o'clock news. It was then that I heard my former CJME co-worker Patrick Book or Kevin Newman Junior as I affectionately call him utter that nasty four letter word. Yes, Patrick told me it could "snow" Sunday. Snow! Its the end of May! I, and many others, won't be happy if the ground is white this weekend.


It was great speaking with former CFL commish Tom Wright on "The Sportscage" Thursday. Wright is heading up the UFC's Canadian office and will work to get MMA regulated in Ontario and other provinces including Saskatchewan. (Why isn't Saskatchewan regulated and who do we talk to to rectify that? Perhaps thats a topic for another show)Wright is just as passionate as ever when discussing MMA. Rod talked about the fact that he hated the move to oust Wright when it happened and I also was one that was against the move. I think Marc Cohon has done a great job since taking over for Wright as CFL commish, but I seriously wonder if Cohon was really needed because a mistake was made when the marriage between the league and Wright ended.


It was also very cool speaking with former Flyer and Blackhawk Rich Sutter. Rich has involved himself in a project that is a social gaming platform for sports fans. Go to and check it out and perhaps sign up. With the weather being so crappy, I'm probably going to play Saturday night.


I hate the Lakers. I always have and I think I always will. Kobe Bryant perhaps tops the list of athletes I don't like. Needless to say I was cheering for the Phoenix Suns in last nite's Game 5 of the NBA West final. The Suns came back from a double digit deficit to tie the game in the final seconds. It came to a last second Kobe shot---that shot failed, but Ron Artest, who had been terrible all night long, came out of nowhere to grab the ball and put it in as the buzzer sounded to give L-A a win. My eyes just rolled in the back of my head. I've seen it so many times before. Derek Fisher, Robert Horry, Kobe and now Artest with playoff buzzer beaters that nauseate me. It must be an annual rite of spring. By the way, Steve Nash just continues to prove that there may be no better Canadian athlete than him right now. You have to love the way this guy plays the game. Watching him do his thing at an elite level is amazing.
During that game, Phoenix coach Alvin Gentry threw up a couple of times. He blamed it on a deep fried avocado that he ate before the game. Deep-fried avocado?? No thanks! That's gotta be a California thing, although I'm thinking it might make an appearance at the Buffalo Days midway. I'm guessing Gentry and many Suns fans vomited after the way that game ended.
MacLeans Magazine is actually praising Regina! The mag says Regina is the 5th smartest city in Canada. Then again, it says Saskatoon is 2nd. (ITS A JOKE!!!!!!)

Weather permitting, the Regina Red Sox are supposed to start their 2010 season in Yorkton Sunday night. I'm guessing that game won't go on, but I don't know if its supposed to be as miserable there as it is here. The Red Sox home opener will go next Friday against Yorkton. It should be a good night. It will be if the weather co-operates. The weather will co-operate won't it! Speaking of the Red Sox, they have a Twitter account. Its at

The NHL will announce two Winter Classics on Friday. One will be in Pittsburgh as the Penguins will play the Capitals at Heinz Field. This means Crosby will face Ovechkin on New Years Day on NBC. The other game will have the Canadiens playing in Calgary in February on what obviously will be Hockey Day in Canada. Nothing against Montreal being in this game, but they were the visiting team at the Heritage Classic when they played the Oilers way back when. It should be the Leafs taking on the Flames. For that matter, why not make it a battle of Alberta? Then again, I've grown tired of the outdoor game. That's just my two cents on the issue.
Its starting to look more and more as if Ottawa will be back in the CFL in 2013. Here's hoping that perhaps a team can be ready to go in the Maritimes by the same time or 2014 and that the CFL is a ten team league. That would be great on many different levels.
Have a great Friday and ask yourself this. Do coffins have a lifetime guarantee?


Anonymous said...

C'mon Mitch, the Habs are Canada's it or not.

TM said...

The simple reason we do not have MMA in Saskatchewan is there is not a province wide boxing and wrestling commission. There is a young female professional boxer from Saskatoon (whose name escapes me) who would love nothing more than to fight in front of a home town crowd who can't. Should she fight in Saskatchewan without this commission in place she risks her professional eligibility by fighting in a jurisdiction that is essentially lacking proper ruling authorities.

MMA follows the same rules and it is essentially the problem in almost all the other provinces except for Quebec and B.C who sanction MMA fights. I think the Ontario has a boxing and wrestling commission but the MMA predicament is a little more complicated in that province.

Why do you think Vince McMahon went to "Sports Entertainment" it allowed him to move away from the boxing and wrestling commissions throughout North America.