Thursday, May 6, 2010

State Of The Riders

With training camps right around the corner, CFL teams are making final preparations for the 2010 season. All eight teams have or are about to give their state of the franchise press conferences for local and national media. The Riders did that this morning. Amongst the highlights

--expect an announcement on a backup quarterback next week. It doesn't sound as if that quarterback will be Kerry Joseph
--Darian Durant will have more input into game plans and offensive strategy
--Negotiations with top pick Shomari Williams are going well and there are no anticipated problems
--The team will never publicly identify who the 13th man was at the Grey Cup
--Joe Sykes will get a great chance to strut his stuff at camp.
--Coach Ken Miller says that was a loss that will be with him always. President Jim Hopson says getting over that defeat was easier than he thought.
--Season ticket sales are close to 25-thousand. When it hits that figure, sales will be capped.
--GM Brendan Taman says he doesn't feel pressure, he just wants to keep the momentum going
--Running back and offensive line will be the areas to watch in training camp for great battles
--Talk of a domed stadium is still there.
--100th year is more of an off-field thing than an on-field thing so players shouldn't find that to be a distraction


Anonymous said...

If KJ is not coming, did anyone bother to ask about Dinwiddy?

Anonymous said...

Do we really need to know who the 13th man was? Do you not win as a team and lose as a team?
The player that was "blamed" for this is likely to get bombarded by the Regina media when he returns. He shouldn't have to say anything. We didn't win, it was a tough loss. Lets move on! I applaud the team for taking this stance.