Saturday, March 21, 2009

Its Not Me!!! Damn!!

If you are reading this and you are in Saskatchewan, you may want to check your Super 7 ticket from last night. If you have a ticket with 10, 23, 28, 29, 31, 32 and 46 on it then congratulations is in order, you have just won 17 million dollars which is 17 million more than what I got on this week's draw.
Congratulations to CTV Regina sportscaster Chris Hodges. He is now a father as Annie Rea came into this world last night. Welcome to fatherhood Chris. Get a couple of solid nights of Z time because they will be few and far between over the next few months. Whatever you do, don't let your daughter see you in that stupid hat you are wearing on your Facebook page. Don't traumatize the child at such a young age.
Speaking of Facebook, who had the brilliant idea of changing the look at the popular social networking page. Its brutal!!!!
My good friend Tyler(you can click on his blog on this page) has basically crystallized my thoughts when it comes to shopping at Superstore. He made the post six days ago so you will have to page down but really I think he catches the entire essence of spending time in one of these places. The one thing Tyler does not mention though that angers me--and this isn't just at Superstore is people who run into one another while shopping and decide to have a conversation thus creating a traffic jam. I don't care what is happening in your lives at this time, what I care about is getting the item I seek that I can't because you are in my frickin way and you think the world should come to a stop just because you have engaged in this conversation. KEEP IT MOVIN!!!!!
My youngest daughter Annika is going to be playing baseball this year in the "Learn to Play" division yet somehow there is a need to hold evaluations for her and the others to determine what team she will be on. ??????????. I really would like to know what the evaluation process is. If she can run from home to 1st without going to 3rd she is on the "A" team. If she heads to 3rd first or stops halfway down the baseline to draw a circle in the sand she is on the "B" side. This one is a head-scratcher.
Is it safe to assume that one Donald Cherry will speak on the Alex Ovechkin goal scoring celebration controversy tonight.
10 teams are supposedly interested in Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler and the Seahawks are not one of them. This is good!!
Why does that little voice in the back of my mind keep saying the Riders are going to make a trade that will see them get a first round pick in the upcoming CFL draft? With Hamilton and Toronto each picking twice in the first four selections I'm guessing they would be your trading partner.
Martin Brodeur was invited to do a Top 10 List on the Letterman show after breaking the most career wins record this week but politefully declined. His reason--a damn good one. He had something scheduled with his daughter. One can only guess that by declining, he turned down what would have been a great shot at Sean Avery. By the way if the season ended today, it would be the Devils and the Rangers in the first round. Would the circus from last year be revived??
Don't look now Calgary, but here come the Canucks. Yes I am an Oiler fan, but Flames fans are to me just a little more annoying than Habs fans. Speaking of which, a lot of them have certainly gone back in the closet over the last few weeks. I'm guessing a first round win in the playoffs will change that in a hurry.
One member of the Lethbridge Hurricanes and one member of the Saskatoon Blades will not play in Game 2 of their best of 7 first round matchup tonight. Lethbridge forward Kyle Beach and Saskatoon blueliner Jiri Niemi have each been told by the WHL they have been suspended for tonight's game after a 3rd period incident last night in which Beach cross-checked Niemi in the face. Niemi then gave some kind of "gesture" towards the Lethbridge bench. I would say advantage in this one goes to Saskatoon. Beach is a Sean Avery type player that can get under your skin and you can bet he will be doing that now that his team is behind the eight ball. Niemi is a good defenceman but his absence can be made up by Stefan Elliott and the others.


Anonymous said...

Mitch, far be it from me to correct you, since you have twice as many "blog followers" as me and probably eight times the audience, but I did touch on what you said.

I wrote, "it is always a nightmare to navigate a cart through that [produce/dairy] area, and it's compounded by the fact that the section seems to attract clusters of clueless morons who apparently think that they're at some kind of social club that just happens to have piles of onions nearby. I don't know what it is about that area of the store that compels these idiots to stop and have a leisurely chat, leaving their carts blocking the aisle directly in front of me when all I need is to grab some fucking yogurt so I can finally leave that goddamn place."

As always, Mitch, I appreciate the plug. Blair Necessities readers are more than welcome to check out my blog The Superstore entry, which I've gotten a fair bit of feedback on, is at

Mitchell Blair said...

I stand corrected. Sorry Tyler!

Kelly Markwart said...

Niemi got a cross-check to the chin in the final couple of minutes last night, and was on his knees for a good 5 minutes before standing up to skate off. Whil he skated past the Hurricanes bench, he decided to scratch his ear with his middle finger (which was picked up perfectly by WHLtv). Cam Moon caught it as a "slight wave to the bench".

Niemi did his best to get a 5 min. major on the play (which likely led to the suspension).
Haven't these players seen someone like Jamie Heward get up and skate off the ice right away like when his nose was nearly sliced off by a skate?

There was no blood last night, I'm sure the trainer felt embarrased for the guy to even be helping him off the ice...c'mon, suck it up!!

Anonymous said...

With John Chick on one side and if Stadnyk pans out the way people think he will, could Kitwana Jones be trade bait. How about Chunky or dare I say it Schultzie.