Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well that sucked! It looked the Riders were going to be alone in first place, but Ricky Ray had other ideas. Say what you will about this game, but one has to give credit and a lot of it to the Edmonton quarterback. He was downright surgical this afternoon in picking apart that Saskatchewan defence. At one point, he was 20-20 and just two passes away from tying the CFL record for most consecutive passes completed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the only deep ball he threw was the one at the end when Maurice Mann ran right by Omarr Morgan who bit on a double move thinking Mann was just going to try for the first down so they could move the sticks.
Morgan goes from hero to goat in a short time frame. This game could have been over in the 3rd quarter and likely would have been if Arkee Whitlock scores to make it 28-9, but Jerrell Freeman strips the ball from Whitlock and Morgan takes it a CFL record 108 yards back to make it 21-16.
No one said it was going to be easy and now instead of being alone in first, the Riders are in a three way tie for first. Regardless what happens next Saturday at Commonwealth, the Riders have lost the season series to Edmonton meaning they get the tiebreaker and that could very well spell the difference between being at home in the playoffs or being on the road. All in all, its a frustrating day to be a Rider fan---unless of course you are one of those that secretly delight in defeat because it gives you a chance to crow about negative after negative. There isn't anyone like that is there.....NAHHHHH!!!! Line 1 you're on the air......

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