Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nice Debut

The Regina Pats have their first win of the year thanks to a 3-2 shootout win over the Saskatoon Blades. I'm guessing 17 year old goalie Dawson Guhle will wake up with a big smile this morning after earning his first WHL win. Guhle, who inexplicably wasn't named the game's first star, got the call because of a groin injury to Damien Ketlo, and he answered the call. Guhle stopped 29 of 32 shots including a pair in the shootout to get the win. He was particularly impressive in the first period when he stopped 14 shots---many of them coming on Saskatoon power plays. Guhle was also helped by the return of both Colten Teubert and Matt Delahey who strengthened the blueline.
Those in attendance had to like what they saw from the home team who worked their you know what off to get the win. The one thing I noticed that I didn't notice at the end of last year---guys were blocking shots again. They were willing to pay the price to win. That's something that wasn't happening last year, but its a message Curtis Hunt has obviously re-installed in them.
Matt Strueby had a pair for Regina as he battles Mitch Czibere(a scratch) for who will be the 3rd 20 year old alongside Brett Leffler and Delahey. Garrett Mitchell left with a wrist injury after taking a shot in the first period.
Other thoughts from the game.....
---love the new jerseys, but I don't like the red helmets. It doesn't look right with the blue unis. Perhaps with the white ones on. Obviously, it would work if they are wearing a red jersey.
--love the new seats in the Brandt Centre. I can't wait for a night when those seats are full with people cheering on their Pats. Hopefully that happens sooner than later.
--sitting beside my colour man on Access 7 broadcasts Kelly Remple, I can't understand why the Moose Jaw boy isn't running for mayor of Moose Jaw. For those that know Kelly, just imagine that for a while......

---wondering if seeing Jordan Eberle's mug during the national anthem if whether or not that will be the only time Pats fans see Eberle's mug at the Brandt Centre this year.
--I realize it was 30 plus degrees outside, but not having 4-thousand in attendance is a little disappointing. Its early though.
The PGA Tour Championship starts today with the Fed Ex Cup at stake. Its very confusing to determine who will win the Cup. ESPN's Bob Harig tries to explain....
Note to Tiger Woods: Just win to avoid any debate or controversy.
What does my TV have on it tonight. Is it watching Ole Miss play South Carolina in US college football as we see Kent Austin's offence on display or is it watching Jordan Eberle in an Oilers uniform as they take on Tampa in Winnipeg. I hope the Lightning don't dress Lecavalier, Stamkos, Hedman, etc, etc for that one.
Its nice seeing the calendar and seeing jean skirts are still out and about. Guys, you know what I mean. Yes you do!!


Stephen LaRose said...

What channel is carrying the Ole Miss/South Carolina game?

Anonymous said...

What adult actually uses the expression "their you know what"? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Guhle made saves that Rowat wouldn't have made during his time here. It was a nice start for the kid. The Pats did play their tails off too which was good to see.


Mitchell Blair said...

Its on the Score. I believe it starts at 530.

Anonymous said...

Where did this Guhle kid come from? I never heard from him until camp started. He did look good---very composed.

I gotta watch Ebs tonight---sorry Kent!

Anonymous said...

Guhle should have been first star, and I think it was your buddy Lee Jones who selected them. Even Pedersen said after the game that Guhle should have been one of the three. Take it up with him.