Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thumbs Up To Joe Womack And Brad Wall

I had to come back to world headquarters after spending most of the day at one of Regina's hospitals so just a quick update before heading back.

The arrival or pending arrival of Adam "Pacman" Jones--who will now be the 2nd most famous Jones in the stadium on Sunday behind Lee--had people talking at Mosaic today. Director of player personnel Joe Womack pulled no punches when saying he wouldn't be doing what the Bombers are doing and saying Jones is a potential cancer and that he has had enough chances in life. Good on Joe for telling it straight and not sugar-coating anything. The two questions I have about this whole affair --well OK three are

1)What does CFL commissioner Marc Cohon think about one of the NFL's notorious bad boys coming north of the border?
2)How did this guy get clearance to come across the border with his past history?
3)What are the Bombers doing by doing this and what do they hope to achieve?
There are surely other defensive backs/kick returners that they could have found. I am thinking there are many who support the blue and gold who are just disgusted by this move.

I will say this though. With Kelly, Bishop and Pacman now all in attendance on Sunday, this Labour Day might be one that will be talked about for years--regardless of who wins.
I have said it once and I will say it again. I think Brad Wall and the Saskparty are doing a tremendous job in running this province and doing what's right. I commend the Premier for saying the province is considering banning texting and talking on a handheld cellphone. I heard some idiot on CJME saying tonight that he drives while texting all the time and he doesn't consider it to be dangerous. What a moron!!! I wish there was some way you could publicly announce a licence plate or something so that idiots like this could get a call from SGI! Texting while driving may be---may be worse than someone driving while impaired. How can you text and keep your eyes on the road at the same time?? It can't be done. I will admit I talk sometimes on my cell when driving, but I have never, ever texted and if for some reason I get a message, I wait until I hit a red light.
Gamers take note of some of the "extras" you will have on NHL 2k10...,186216
Yes Brett Favre you are guilty of a cheap shot and a blatant one at that....

I highly endorse the following article and think many should adhere to it on a daily basis....

Speaking of naps, I had better get one in before heading back to the hospital. Lets just say the cots they have there don't remind you of spending a night at the Days Inn or whatever hotel you may lay your head down at when on the road. Later!!
For those of you who sent comments wondering about what's going on, thanks for the inquiries. Its nothing serious---I wasn't thinking that 24 hours ago and life should be back to normal by this time tomorrow. Please understand as to why I didn't post your comments. Thanks!

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