Thursday, September 10, 2009

NFL OT Sucks, Is Heatley Saga Over, Another Stampede Star Passes On

I love the NFL, but I hate it when a game goes into overtime. The Steelers and Titans were involved in a dandy to start off the 2009 season---a dandy if you love great defensive football that is. It went to overtime, Pittsburgh won the toss and they win it 13-10.
At some point, the NFL competition committee has to rule that both teams need to touch the ball in overtime. Tennessee deserved the chance to tie the game or win it, much like Pittsburgh would have deserved a shot had the Titans won the toss and scored on that first possession. Its a sour ending to what was a great opener.

How about the play of Troy Polamulu in the first quarter? If the Pittsburgh safety's tackle of Chris Johnson deep in Titans end wasn't great enough, how about his one handed interception while falling backwards. This guy is a treat to watch. He hurt his knee in the 2nd quarter while trying to scoop up the ball after a blocked field goal and did not return. Hopefully, he will be fine for Pittsburgh's Week 2 game.

Did you watch the game with the TSN simulcast or with the US feed. If its the latter, did you see the Sears ad with Brett Favre in the 4th quarter where he hums and haws over a big-screen TV. Beautiful!! Give Favre credit for poking fun at himself in this one.
The Senators and Sharks are denying it, but there are multiple reports that Dany Heatley is about to become a San Jose Shark. The deal supposedly sees Patrick Marleau go to Los Angeles with the Senators getting both Alexandre Frolov and Jarrett Stoll. I'm sure we'll know if that deal is indeed a go before the day is over.
The NHL and the Players Association have ruled Theoren Fleury has been cleared to play. Theo wants to get back into the NHL wars. Don't do it Theo! It didn't work for Claude Lemieux and it won't work for you. Let people remember you for what you were and not what you might end up being.
Mike Comrie is an Oiler again having signed a one year deal. Excuse me if I'm not doing cartwheels on this move. Does it mean Hilary Duff is going to make Edmonton her winter home. Yeah right!
The gong show continues in Winnipeg. Word is Barrin Simpson and Mike Kelly aren't seeing eye to eye and that the Bombers have given him permission to work out a trade. He won't play on Sunday in the re-match. Simpson was methinks given the blame for the whole coin toss incident at the start of the Labour Day Classic. I don't know about you, but I thought it was Michael Bishop that made the mistake. Could Simpson end up wearing green? I would doubt it, but I'm sure some are already calling for it.
If you like Big Ten Football like I do seeing I am a Michigan Wolverines fan, you will want to turn the channel to 266 if you are a customer of Access Communications.
A sad item to end this installment. Word is former Stampede Wrestling star Kerry Brown has died at the age of 51. Liver failure is said to be the cause. Brown and his tag-team partner Duke (No Derek is not my son) Meyers were two of the top villains in the 80's when Stampede made its weekly appearance at the Exhibition Auditorium to fight the likes of Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith and Chris Benoit. Oh how I miss those days.


Anonymous said...

How much longer can Bombers brass keep Kelly. A Rider win Sunday would drive another nail into his coffin.

NFL overtime does suck and the sad thing is is it was discusssed in the off-season and the competititon committee said to leave it the way it is. Why?

Are Peca and Pronger coming back to Edmonton too?


Anonymous said...

Heatley to the Sharks! CHAMPIONSHIP (dripping in sarcasm).

Kerry Brown, Mukha Singh, Duke Myers, Bad News Allen....the Hart foundation. Those were the days when wrestling wasn't what it is now. I miss those days too Mitch.


Anonymous said...

Word is Polamulu is going to miss 4-6 weeks if not more because of that injury. He is the best defensive player in the NFL right now and if he's gone, that really hurts the Steelers. (MADDEN JINX!!)

I agree with you on the Fleury thing. Coming back is just stroking his ego. He'll never be as dynamic as what he used to be. Best player to ever suit up in the WHL in my opinion.

I wonder if the Riders would have welcomed Kitwana back if they had known Simpson was becoming available.


Tyler said...

NFL's overtime makes absolutely no sense. I saw this last year, Jim Nantz debating Phil Simms on it. Pretty clear that Nantz destroys Simms.

Anonymous said...

Kerry Brown was at High Impact Wrestling a few months ago wasn't he? He and Myers were great. Remember Duke and the "loaded-up" glove. Ed Whalen would just lose it when he used that glove. I love WWE, but I loved Stampede even more.

If the Riders blow out the Bombers Sunday, I say thats it for Mr. Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Duke Meyers used that glove, and it was a bowling glove. Kerry Brown and Duke really got over and could bring the heat. I wondered how they even made it out of the Exibition Stadium every week without the people hunting them down. Duke later teamed with the greatest jobber of all time in Goldie Rogers. They called themselves "The Bowlers". I think it was because of some sponsorship thing, and this was when Stampede was running on fumes. The lifestyle those guys lead no doubt contributes to their early demise. 20 years later how many Stampede/WWF guys are dead. Unreal.


Anonymous said...

Lots of fond memories of Stampede Wrestling back in the day. The first feud I watched was Bad News vs Kerry Brown for the North American championship. Sad how many of these guys end up pass away before their time.