Monday, September 28, 2009

Brett Favre/Theoren Fleury

As I expected, Brett Favre's heroics Sunday against San Francisco is all that those who talk about the NFL could talk about on Monday. Yes, Brett Favre added yet another highlight to his already stellar career, but is it just me or has that one play erased the months-long soap opera that he orchestrated again.
Brett Favre can still play football. There is no doubting that. He can play for as long as he wants. What bothers me about Favre is his constant diva-like attitude where he always has to be in the spotlight. The guy is the definition of media whore. He needs the attention and he is relishing in every little bit of it that we are getting saturated in. If Favre wouldn't pull the act that he has pulled for the last few seasons every year, you could take him for the quarterback he is, but when you look at what he has done the past couple of off-seasons, you have to look at him in a different light.
A couple of years ago when he pulled off magic in a Monday Night win over Denver, I said Favre is one of those guys that you can't pull away from because at any moment he can do what he did on Sunday. The difference now is I don't care anymore because the greatness he has on the field has been overshadowed by his off-season behaviour. One that I'm sure will continue this year whether or not the Vikings win the Super Bowl......which is something I don't think will happen. The reason for that. The more successful the Vikings get, the more of the spotlight Favre will want and he will stop incorporating Adrian Peterson into the game plan wanting to do it himself and be the hero. Just wait.
I was not surprised to see the Flames release Theoren Fleury on Sunday, and I was not surprised to hear Fleury retire yesterday and do so in a classy manner. Being a Pats fan and an Oilers fan, I should absolutely despise Theo because of his days with the Warriors and Flames, but I can't. Theoren Fleury is perhaps the most dynamic player to ever play in the Western Hockey League. No one gave him a chance and he kept making the most of the opportunity he was given. The demon known as alcohol got to him like it has so many others, but he managed to fight those demons and win. Those that were at the Pats dinner a couple of years ago when he spoke were absolutely left speechless after his address. He delivered a message right from the heart and it is a message that stuck with many who left Queensbury that night. I still have that speech thanks to Access who burned me a copy of it.
There is only one thing left for Fleury to accomplish and that is a spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He said yesterday he thinks he deserves to be there and I think he does too. What hasn't Theo done in his hockey career. He didn't win a Memorial Cup, but he won everything else. World Junior, Olympic gold, Stanley Cup, Allan Cup(??). If Fleury is not put into the Hall of Fame because of his problems with alcohol, something is definitely wrong. I have had the pleasure to speak with him several times and I would love one more opportunity to say Congratulations when that day comes. He is about to release a book on his life. I haven't read a page of it, but I say right now, its a must-read and you should buy that book whether you're a hockey fan or not. It will be a terrific book because he will pour his heart and soul into it. I would expect nothing less.


Anonymous said...

Fleury ahead of Sakic? No way!

Anonymous said...

Well said on both Favre and Fleury. If Favre would just keep his yap shut in the off-season, he would go down as maybe the best ever QB in the game. However he doesn't and public sentiment sways against him.
Fleury is a guy you had to cheer for because of his size. Without him, many others in the NHL like St. Louis would not be playing. He is definitely a HOF'er in my books and yes, he should go in ahead of Sakic. Both players have been great, but there is no comparison.


Unknown said...

Fleury is the reason I'm a Flames fan today. One of the most dynamic players in his time. Can't wait to grab his book

Little Johnny

Anonymous said...

Brett doesn't call the plays Mitch. If anything Brad Childress will be the downfall of the Vikings. The Vikings will continue to run the ball.