Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wally Gets The Record

Rider fans aren't fond of Lions coach Wally Buono. I understand that. I also think Rider fans should salute Wally today because he now owns the CFL record for most coaching wins in a career. Number 232 came Saturday night as the Lions beat Toronto. I don't care if its the NFL or the CFL, winning 232 games is an impressive feat. Yes, he has had good teams to work with, but good teams need a good coach and you have to admit Wally is one of those. Congrats Wally!
Ken Miller looks for win number 19 today as the Riders meet the Eskimos in a 2 o'clock start at what will be a relatively cool Mosaic Stadium. Who's kidding who after what we saw Saturday anything will be cooler. It seems to me that the Riders remember blowing that 22 point lead to the Eskimos earlier this year and that they have no plans of repeating that performance. They want to let Edmonton know that win was a fluke and that the Eskimos will not win twice on Mosaic Stadium turf. There is a quiet aura of confidence floating around Riderville right now. Some have suggested that perhaps there is something special brewing, some more will be thinking that if the Riders are sitting alone in first at this time tomorrow. I say they win this one by 12.
You have to love US College Football---especially when one of the kingpins gets upset on the road. Such was the case Saturday as USC was beaten in Seattle by the University of Washington---a Huskies team led by former Rider quarterback Steve Sarkisian. When the game was over, the stadium erupted with fans flooding the field and seemingly behaving themselves. I love seeing that. There's such a level of excitement there amongst the student body and as long as they don't get stupid, I have no problems with it. As for Sarkisian, I'm guessing he won't have to pay for a drink or a meal in Seattle anytime soon. I don't think he liked his time here. I tried getting him for an interview as has several media members here, but he doesn't want to talk about his time here. When he was here I didn't think he had a problem with anyone and I thought he was treated pretty well. I guess he didn't feel that way.
The Pats opened up their home sked, but they are still looking for their first goal on Brandt Centre ice. The Pats are now 0-2 after losing 3-0 to Brandon. The team learned after the game that Matt Delahey was on his way back from New Jersey camp. With just one goal in two games, I'm wondering if Brent Parker is calling the Oilers to see what's up with Jordan Eberle. He should be, but then again he might not like the answer he gets.
I didn't see UFC 103 on Saturday night, but if you want a recap....
I didn't watch Floyd "Money" Mayweather do his thing either. The boxing world might find out how much they are losing to MMA within the next couple of days. I'm guessing there were more buys for the UFC event---one that wasn't even a marquee card--than there was for the Mayweather bout. It's just another sign that boxing is in trouble.
I wonder how those who paid $$$ for the Islanders-Flames game in Saskatoon are feeling. Both teams fielded American Hockey League rosters in a 4-2 win. Guys like Fleury, Kiprusoff and Phaneuf didn't play for Calgary which I'm sure disappointed many who went to the game. I can't find a gamesheet, but it looks like John Tavares did not play for the Islanders which had to be disappointing as well. Sorry, if I'm going to go to an NHL game and pay big dollars for it, I'm going to a regular season game where I know I will see the guys I paid to see. While I hope the Oilers bring their regulars to Saskatoon tonight, don't be surprised if they don't.
Enjoy the Rider game and Week 2 of the NFL season. GO SEAHAWKS! GO RIDERS!


Anonymous said...

The lead story on ESPN and SI is the boxing fight, not MMA.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

I expect that the first guy to send Wally pleasantries, will be none other than Rider colourman Carm Carteri, LOL! Congrats to Wally on the record, but I still think he's a KN@B! Go Riders

Anonymous said...

I don't like Wally, but you have to respect that record.

I would take MMA over boxing anyday.

Do you think Steve Sarkisian would ever look at the CFL as a head coaching option? I'm thinking the answer is no.

Upset of the day in the NFL---Texans over Titans. Remember where you read it.


Anonymous said...

Wes Cates runs for 120 and 2 TD's today
The defence gets a TD
Chick owns McGrath--then again my wife could do that.
Riders 31 Eskimos 20

How are you going to sit at the game and keep tabs on the Seahawks? You can't tape it to miss the Cowboys-Giants game!

NHL pre-season in a neutral site place. You pay your money, you take your chances. I'm going to the game here tomorrow and while I hope Spezza, Lecavalier, Stamkos and Alfie play, it wouldn't surprise me to not see them. Will Carrie Underwood be here to watch Mike Fisher? HA HA!

Franklin got owned last night.

Anonymous said...

Iginla, Phaneuf and Kiprusoff all stayed home. Fleury didn't play, Tavares didn't play. I paid money to go watch Carson Germyn, Jamie Lundmark and Matt Martin. BRUTAL! My kid was absolutely crushed when he got there and found out there would be no Iginla or Tavares. I will not go to another exhibition game in Saskatoon ever. Those involved with this should be embarrassed!!