Sunday, September 13, 2009

Breaking Down A Great Sunday of Football

There is nothing better for this sports fan than Sundays from now until the Super Bowl. Football, football and more football.
Were the Riders that good or were the Bombers that bad? Did anyone ask Michael Bishop about his "we'll whoop their ass" comment last week. One has to wonder if Mike Kelly has had enough of Bishop after that brutal performance yesterday. It doesn't help when guys don't want to hang on to the football, but I just don't know how Winnipeg can expect to win when this guy is in the game. He seemingly doesn't care. Did you see him smiling on the sidelines after the Lance Frazier pick in the 4th. Do you want your quarterback smiling after that?? Someone must have told a helluva joke!

The defence was simply unreal forcing eight takeaways giving them a league high 41. Darian Durant did not put up big numbers, but I thought he was very efficient and more importantly, he was very smart with the football. When he was in trouble, he recognized he had nothing and he threw it away. That's what you want and that's what you need to be successful.

Nothing is written in stone yet, but you have to like what you are seeing from this team right now. They are tied for first with Calgary and can really create some separation between themselves and the Eskimos if they could win the next two---I will gladly take a split but if the Riders can take both ends of this home and home, there will be a home playoff game and it could be the Western final.

Montreal beat BC 28-24 in a game that was much closer than I expected. In fact, the Lions just about won it which would have really surprised me after what happened in BC last week. Why is it the Alouettes always get off to a fast start just dominating everyone and then they sort of flounder around. They still get the win--at least most of the time they do, but they just don't look as dynamic.
The first Sunday of the NFL had its highs and lows. No more of a high than in Cincinnati where Brandon Stokley made the play of the day if not the year...

Then there is Jay Cutler. The crybaby quarterback had a terrible debut for the Bears throwing four picks as Chicago loses to Green Bay in the Sunday night game. Poor Jay!

I wonder if Brett Favre learned that his Vikings might be a contender if he just keeps handing the ball to Adrian Peterson. Peterson was his all-World self as Minnesota beat Cleveland. I heard some guys on NFL Radio talking about Peterson and how he might not put up the numbers he had last year because Favre won't give him the ball enough wanting to throw instead. If Favre wants to win with his "team", he will keep handing the ball to 28.
I don't know why Vince MacMahon keeps screwing the fine people of Montreal, but he has done it again and really I don't know if he'll be back after this one. You all know how he screwed Bret Hart out of the belt at the Survivor Series with the phantom victory for Shawn Michaels just days before Bret was to bolt for WCW. I don't know what Vince has against "The Undertaker", but he did it again. CM Punk got a victory in a submission match after the referee called for the bell even though Taker didn't submit. It left those in attendance feeling as if they've gotten the shaft again and I don't blame them. Why do you keep doing this in Montreal Vince? Why?
By the way, John Cena beat Randy Orton for the WWE championship.
I spent part of my Sunday watching the University of Regina womens softball team. That's right...the U of R has a womens softball team and they are a pretty good squad---at least from what I saw. They aren't in Canada West because the CIS hasn't sanctioned softball as an official sport, but they play in a league that features 5 universities and 5 colleges in Alberta and Saskatchewan. I wonder if the day will come when the CIS allows womens softball into their inventory of sports. If they can have womens soccer, they can have womens softball. That's this humble man's opinion.
The Pats lost their last exhibition game of the season dropping a 3-2 decision to the Prince Albert Raiders. I hear that GM Brent Parker is not going to wait with his goalies the way he did last year and that a deal involving Linden Rowat will be made sometime within the next couple of days. I'm hearing he could be Edmonton-bound, but its just speculation. We will see if Parker does indeed pull the pin on a deal this week. I'm sure after what he went through last year and then giving Jeff Bosch to Moose Jaw for Neal Prokop in a deal that really didn't work that he doesn't want to go through this again.
I'm sure you will hear about Kanye West storming on stage and spoiling Taylor Swift's moment in the sun. She had just gotten an award at the MTV Video Awards when Kanye showed us that yes, you can be a bigger douchebag than you currently are if you try by storming on stage during Swift's acceptance speech and saying she shouldn't have won with the honor going to Beyonce. The cameras showed a startled Beyonce who had no clue this was coming. Nice job Kanye. Go away now. Whether or not you like Taylor Swift and her music, you don't act that way. It left her in a very uncomfortable spot which is too bad because her moment was wrecked by Mr. Douchebag. One can only imagine what he would have done if someone tried to ruin his moment.
Where is Wayne Gretzky? The Coyotes coach has been a no-show as the team begins training camp. He has been hit hard by the situation involving the hockey team. Its just another reason as to why this team needs to be moved and moved a-s-a-p. Its too late to do anything now, but this must be the last season of NHL hockey in Phoenix. Surely Gary Bettman must realize its too late now. Then again, this is Gary Bettman we are talking about.
Does anyone truly believe the Leafs are making the playoffs this year? If so, why?
Have a good Monday and if you know any Bomber fans-----I think you know what to do. Don't hold back any!


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever had more fun at a football game than what I had yesterday. Rider fans did themselves proud once again. Bomber fans are wondering if they have hit rock-bottom.


Anonymous said...

I ordered the WWE PPV and was going to watch it this morning. You;ve wrecked it for me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift should have kicked Kanye right in the biscuits. What an a-hole! Beyonce saved the day by bringing TS on stage later in the night.

I don't care where Linden Rowat goes as long as he isn;t starting for regina Friday night in Saskatoon.

The Riders were simply awesome!


Paco said...

Yes, the Leafs will make the playoffs and they will be fun to watch every night! They should be tough in their own zone and shouldn't give up too many goals but they will have a hard time scoring any of their own.
I'm probably looking through blue and white glasses though.

Chris Pollock

Anonymous said...

The Maple Leafs have been my favourite team as long as I've watched hockey. Having stated that I'm past the point of wishful thinking. If you look at the successful teams they are all a combination of speed, skill, and toughness. The good organizations also have tremendous Executive depth and can scout well. I think Brian Burke and Dave Nonis will eventually build that, but right now I'll say no they will not make the playoffs. This team had coasted on fumes for 10 years. Basically Mats Sundin had to do it all himself while being surrounded by a collection of stiffs. They also had either Ed Belfour or Curtis Joseph to bail them out where they screwed up defensively. I can remember so many games they won 3-2, but had 50 shots against them. Bottom line is the Leafs can't play an effective or consistant 200 Foot Game. Until Burke can develop the organizational infastructure and Ron Wilson can teach them they'll be sitting on couches come playoff time. Having said that I'll still be watching every Saturday night etc.


Anonymous said...

WWE? Really. People still pay to watch this crap? Really? And then get upset at the results? Really?