Monday, September 7, 2009

Lets Have Some Fun

Its a holiday Monday so why not?? What's being said between Steven Jyles and Michael Bishop?

Meanwhile, it would appear as if the Alouettes aren't taking Friday's controversial loss in BC lightly. Read the following from "The Globe's" Dave Naylor.

The Montreal Alouettes are considering whether to protest the result of last Friday's game in which they lost by seven points after a touchdown was pulled off the board with less than a minute to play.
The Alouettes were fuming after Avon Cobourne's eight-yard touchdown was negated because the in-stadium supervisor at B.C. Place in Vancouver tried to stop the game to check the game clock with a minute to play.
When the down was replayed, Montreal was stopped on third down, and the B.C. Lions subsequently went down the field to score the winning touchdown in a 19-12 result.
Under CFL rules, a team has 72 hours to determine whether to protest the result of a game.
“Upper management has had very thorough discussions and is weighing the options on what rights they have,” Montreal general manager Jim Popp said last night. “We'll decide shortly what to do.”
According to CFL director of officiating, the in-stadium supervisor tried to stop the play from occurring by buzzing pagers being worn by the games' on-field officials, before the snap of the ball.
Higgins said there was no choice but to disallow the touchdown because at least one of the game's officials blew a whistle before or during the play.
The Alouettes say Cobourne's touchdown should have been allowed to stand and that no whistle was blown before or during the play.
Based on a review of the game telecast aired by TSN, no whistle is audible until after Cobourne crosses the goal line for the score.
“The only thing we could have wished to have happened was that the ball not been snapped,” CFL director of officiating Tom Higgins said. “But it did and we have to deal with it.”
Higgins said allowing the Montreal touchdown to stand would have been unfair to the Lions because some of the B.C. defenders may have quit on the play when hearing a whistle.
“You have to look at both sides of the equation,” Higgins said. “We do know the whistle blew, we were to told they blew a whistle, so, did B.C. not play it right to the end?”
“[The supervisor] buzzed [the on-field officials] before the play was started. The supervisor felt there was enough time. Then you have to make a very quick decision on how to make something bad, right. The only thing was to replay the down.”
At 7-2 on the season, the loss Friday isn't likely to affect the Als' playoff chances. But it could affect whether they get to stage the East Division final. It also could affect the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Hamilton Tiger-Cats or Toronto Argonauts if B.C. (4-5) is able to use Friday's win to cross over to an East playoff spot.
Higgins said the incident is being reviewed internally to ensure there is no repeat of what happened Friday.
“The process is being put in place as we speak,” Higgins said.


Anonymous said...

No Mike. Lets try it again. CAT is spelled C-A-T.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you Steve, if I don't get in that fight in the parking lot, I'm still the quarterback of this team and we are 1-8.


Anonymous said...

Good game Mike. I told everyone you were good for three picks. Make it four next week!

Anonymous said...

Jyles: "Hi, I like cookies."

Bishop: "Orange is a colour!"

Anonymous said...

Jyles: Mike, I keep telling you there is no such thing as Santa Claus

Bishop: You're funny Steve. I guess there's no such thing as the Easter Bunny or the tooth fairy either. See ya next week if they keep me around that long


Anonymous said...

Jyles: "Mitchell Blair has the worst blog going."

Bishop: "Who?"

canuck1 said...

Bishop: "So let me get this straight, I don't pass to green jerseys anymore? Man this game is hard!"

Anonymous said...

Jyles: A fight in the parking lot? That's the best you could come up with. That is just plain sad!!