Saturday, September 26, 2009

Still In First

It wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing game of the year, but in the end, a win is a win and that is what the Saskatchewan Roughriders have for the first time this season when playing the Eskimos. Here's the Riderville story....

In a game that will never go down as a classic, the Riders got some revenge on their Western Division foes with a gritty effort that produced two points.
Say what you will about Darian Durant's performance, but when he had to, he marched this team downfield into scoring position. The stat sheet says he threw three interceptions, but the third one which bounced off Jason Armstead can't be classified as his fault.
How does a team go from having a field goal taken off the board because they have 13 men to taking a time count violation because they only have 11 guys on the field to a punt that is fumbled with the end result being a touchdown? Right then and there, you had to know the football gods were smiling on the /-S-/.
When Jamie Boreham goes back to punt, do you sit and wait to see what is going to happen? Boreham is not your conventional punter and makes those plays look far from routine.
With the exception of the long Arkee Whitlock TD, the defence shut down the Edmonton running game.
Speaking of the football gods, if they took one from Durant with that third interception, they gave it back to him with the Gerran Walker tipped catch.
I've said it once and I'll say it again. Head coach Ken Miller finds a way to get the best out of his team each and every week. Some weeks it doesn't result in a win, but this team plays its you know what off (Yes, I said "you know what" to the knob who hates that saying whether it comes from me or someone else and if you don't like it, don't come back)for their coach. Will the Riders finish first? I have no idea, but even if they don't, it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see this team playing a football game in Calgary in late November and I'm not talking about the Western final.
One other thing. I was out and about before the football game today and I could not believe the amount of people wearing Rider jerseys today. I'm cool with that----when its a home game!! If you want to wear your jerseys when watching the game, that is great, I do it. However, I don't put it on many hours before the game. I love the passion, but sometimes I think it goes one or two steps too far. One thing is for sure, you always know when its game day in Regina. I wish some people would do that for Pats games.
Toronto is now officially the worst team in the CFL. They lose in Winnipeg 29-24 to the Bombers. BREAK UP THE BOMBERS!!! Did anyone watch that game after the Rider one. I didn't. I had much better things to do. I was at High Impact Wrestling(What???). Those that mock have no idea what class is---or what its like to be inside a human petting zoo as one of the degenerates at ringside beside me described it as. Those that love to people watch really need to see some of the specimens that show up. There's a thesis in there somewhere.
Congrats to the Rams. They get a big win in Vancouver beating UBC 28-17.
Many believe the Lions losing streak will end tomorrow against the Redskins. I am one of them. I am also confident of a Seahawks home win against the Bears.
The Oakland Raiders have asked CBS to remove former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon from the broadcast crew for their game tomorrow against Denver. CBS has told the Raiders where they can put that request so the Raiders have said Gannon is not welcome at their practice facility. Hell, I'd ask him in and see if he would strap on the helmet because he's better than Jamarcus Russell or any of the other QB's on the Raiders roster.
Jordan Eberle was on a line with Fernando Pisani and Liam Reddox today at Oilers practice. If that is the case, send him back to Regina a-s-a-p. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly a Liam Reddox is?
Is it just me or do you like getting the CFL games out of the way so that your Sunday can be focussed on the NFL. I have no problem whatsoever with Friday night and Saturday doubleheaders so that the stage can be cleared for the NFL. I know many football fans who feel the same way.
The Sandra Schmirler Curling Classic is happening at the Callie. Its not curling weather yet.....its not right that a high level spiel is happening before the calendar hits October 1.
Enjoy your Sunday!!


Sammy said...

I actually enjoy seeing all the Rider gear being worn around town. Wasn't long ago that wearing anything with a Rider logo got a guy ridiculed and laughed at in public.

Anonymous said...

What a strange comment about wearing a jersey prior to the game. It adds to the atmosphere in the city on game day (both home and away) to see people wearing their jersey and supporting the team. Businesses around the city let their employees wear them as a casual and fun thing to do. You don't become the CFL's largest fan base by supporting the team at select moments around game time.

Anonymous said...

Home games-get up, get the melon ready. Its game day baby. Get that jersey on as soon as you can,but when its a road game, I don't think its necessary to have the jersey on as soon as you get up. You're not going to the game and are either going to watch it a bar, a buddies or at home. People don't paint their face green or wear watermelon helmets around Regina for road games. I don't necessarily agree with your stance Mitch, but I do understand where you're coming from.

Anonymous said...

Great win by the Riders. Darian and the rest of the guys have a never say die attitude.

Have you been talking to my wife? She asked me at 10 AM yesterday why I am wearing my jersey. HA HA!!

I've got the Lions winning today.

The Pats will be bad with or without Eberle, but it sounds like he is on his way back if he is playing with those guys.


Terry C

Anonymous said...

Boreham's punts were a major reason as to why they won that game. He doesn't get the credit he is due as far as I'm concerned.

Some guy doesn't like the phrase "you know what". The guy just must be a whathole Mitch.

If curling has started, is Mission Ridge open yet? Oh wait, we need---no I can't say that four letter word that rhymes with NO yet.

Mark me down as one that just wants to watch the NFL on Sunday. Let the CFL play Friday and saturday.


Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. I'm not supposed to wear my Rider jersey on the day of road games until just before the game. Does this mean I shouldn't paint my face, carve out a watermelon helmet, have some buddies over for burgers and beers and then sit on the practice field for 90 minutes before going home and cheering the Riders on. I just want to make sure we're on the same page.
Seriously, what an effort by the Riders yesterday. I thought they were done after Darian's two picks in the first quarter. They showed that famous Rider resiliency again. Miller doesn't get the credit he deserves. We will see Edmonton again though. Hopefully its here and hopefully its a different result from the other two games at Taylor Field.


Anonymous said...

I gotta disagree with you on the jersey thing Mitch. Whether it be a road or a home game, I'm showing the colours and I'm showing them all day. Good debate though.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the jersey thing, what's wrong with wearing them? I like it.

I'm not that high on the NFL, sure it's a better league, better athletes, but the CFL is unique and I look forward to the TSN broadcasts.

Mike G.