Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not Quite There Yet

Make no mistake, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are an improved football team, but they have a ways to go before they are going to start competing with the Big Daddy in the East. The Montreal Alouettes marched into Ivor Wynne Stadium and dismantled the Tabbies 42-8. Montreal is now 4 games up on Hamilton in the East with six to play. The home team was never in it right from the start, and I'm guessing the home team found out that while playing better football this year, they aren't quite ready to wrestle the torch away from the Alouettes yet.

The other game on the night was a good one, but in the end, the Stampeders beat B-C 25-17. It means the winner of today's game in Edmonton joins Calgary atop the Western standings. The loser is tied with B-C for last in the division. If the Eskimos should win, it would mean next Friday's game in Vancouver between the Lions and Riders would be to see who stays out of the cellar. The critics will be out full force if the Riders are sitting last at this time next week.

I think the Riders will give Edmonton a good game today in front of what is said to be 54-thousand people, but I also can't help thinking the Eskimos were the better team last week and would have been victorious going away had it not been for Omarr Morgan's fumble recovery. We'll see what happens.
Theoren Fleury is going to meet the media Monday to discuss his future. This after the 41 year old was released by the Calgary Flames. Theo had a good pre-season, but coach Brent Sutter didn't think it was good enough to make the team. Is Theo going to call it quits or is he going to keep going. I'm thinking knowing Fleury's demeanour that its the latter.
The Pats didn't get going until the 2nd period was over last night and it cost them as they lost 5-4 to Moose Jaw in a game that was a little eye-glazing for about 38 minutes. The Pats finally picked up the intensity in the 3rd, but they couldn't beat Jeff Bosch on a pair of two man advantages and despite a furious effort to tie it late, they could not get the equalizer. The 4 game homestand---one in which the team is 1-2--ends Sunday against the Blades in a 6 pm start.
Ladainian Tomlinson will miss his 2nd straight game with an ankle injury. It doesn't matter. The Chargers have proven they are a better team with Darren Sproles in the lineup. Tomlinson is becoming this year's version of Shaun Alexander. It seems that in the NFL that if you're a running back and you hit 30 that it goes downhill in a big hurry for you.
A gentleman at the Pats game made my night by saying "I was the best sports guy in town". After I told him that he must have me confused with Rod Pedersen, I thanked him and he said he was serious, that no one brought the passion to the table the way I did. That's nice to hear many months later. I can't see a permanent return to the airwaves anytime soon though.
After a hiatus that was way too long, High Impact Wrestling is back. The grapplers had a show last night and they have another one tonight at the Victoria Club. If all goes well with the Rider game and delivering a story to Riderville, I will be there.....if I can find out where in the hell the Victoria Club is.
This guy that went after his team-mate with the shovel at Eskimos practice this week. Did anyone think he may have been auditioning for a RONA commercial? After all, they have one with football players holding rakes, shovels and other things as they make the field look nice?


Anonymous said...

--A Riders win today and they finish first. A loss and it might be crossover city.

--I like this Guhle kid in net although he did let in one bad one.

--Howden is going to be a force for Moose Jaw

--Is Shaun Alexander even playing for anyone now?

--Isn't Wes Cates 30



Anonymous said...

Its a crime you and Pedersen don't work together. Someone over at CKRM has their head up their you know what if they don't think you would enhance their sports coverage. Then again, its obvious the people at CJME have their head up their you know what when they jettison you to keep people like Morrison and Remenda.


Anonymous said...

I see the Riders winning this one by more than a TD with Chick and Baggs having monster games. Could this be Clermont's break out afternoon?
Tomlinson is washed up and that is your upset pick tomorrow...Dolphins over SD. LOCK IT UP!
How long did it take you to think up the RONA thing. That's weak!