Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thoughts on LDC

--I am now convinced Michael Bishop just doesn't have what it takes to be a CFL quarterback. He has been there how long and the team is putting the plays on a white board. Perhaps Mike Kelly should see if Jeff Garcia is available. By the way, I was walking out of the stadium with CJME's Jamie Nye. While we did not see him actually get on the bus, it looks like he was going to get out "incident-free" this time.

--I am now convinced there will be many upset Rider fans either later this year or in the off-season. I must have counted at least 100 people with "83" jerseys today. They will of course have to get new ones if the guy who wears 83(Andy Fantuz) moves on.

--Why did my wife text me asking for a John Chick jersey for Christmas. Why not a Weston Dressler one dear??

--Darian Durant is getting more and more comfortable every week. That road still has some bumps in it, but he is looking more and more composed.

--Did the week off finally mean we see the Wes Cates we know and love.

--Was there anyone in the stadium if not Canada who didn't know Fred Reid was going up the middle on the last play of the 1st half. Why not sneak it in? Oh yeah, Michael misread the white board.

--Who was the better Rider on the afternoon---Chick or Tad Kornegay. Tough call!

--Marshall Hamilton is a great addition to the 620 CKRM broadcast team. The former Rider safety has no qualms about calling it the way he sees it. If the day comes that Carm Carteri decides to hang it up as Rod Pedersen's colour man, I nominate Hamilton to replace him. (This is not to suggest Carteri hang it up)

--I get more and more impressed with Rob Bagg with each passing game.

--The 3rd quarter stretch happened without "Worksafe Bob". Has he been put into retirement? I can only hope so. Now if we can just rid of "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate".

--I need to buy another pair of binoculars so I can stop "borrowing" from Riders communications man extraordinaire Ryan Whippler who grabs mine right from the get-go and has them for a majority of the game unless I ask for them back. Just kidding Whip--my binoculars are your binoculars on game day.

--The car in front of me called for it, but thanks to the two "tipsy" ladies who showed everyone the goods at the corner of Dewdney and Broad by Country Style Donuts on the way home. I hope the guy in the car in front of me got a good picture as a Labour Day Classic memory.


Brian Shepherd said...

Why wouldn't she want a Chick jersey. He lives in Regina is supports a great charity.

Also she probably has the 'hots' for him ;)

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with you on Marshall Hamilton. He is outstanding! Driving to the game yesterday he was talking about fantuz and basically said he isn't good enough to play in the NFL. I don't think Hadesbeck or Lynch or for that matter Rod or Carm would have the balls to say that for angering Andy. I think Marshall is better than the knobs on the TSN panel too.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing better durring a great game than singing The Saskatchewan Pitrate to your teenage daughter...Bob I can live without but not the pirate...sorry Mitch


Anonymous said...

If Bishop ever found a brain, he would be amazing. He's football's version of "The Wild Thing". Lynch said he was up for the Heisman yesterday. That's not true is it!

I'm one of the guys that has a fantuz jersey so I hope you are dead wrong and that Andy is here for years.

I'm guessing you don't vote anymore, but who is the top defensive player on this team right now--Chick or Baggs?

Why didn't you get a picture of the ladies and post it to the blog? I'm so ashamed of you Mitch!


Anonymous said...

If CKRM was doing the right thing, they would have Marshall Hamilton in the booth with Rod and Carm. You are bang on with your comment about him!


Anonymous said...

If I have to buy another Rider jersey, I'm getting one with Bagg's name on the back. He is unreal!

I also agree on the statements about Marshall Hamilton and the Last Saskatchewan Pirate.

JN said... away with the Last Saskatchewan Pirate!! Seriously, there has to be some other song in this world that could equally be as fun to 'work-out' to during a game! Hello Facebooker's...get on a group to get rid of that song!

Also, I heard the best line ever on Sunday at the game, "Michael Bishop, the man with the million dollar arm and the two dollar brain"...brilliant!